When Grace looks to the future that she wants, a future born of suffering and awakening to joy, she seizes the moment and she makes a vow. And this is how we avoid falling back asleep after a wake-up call. We vow to live differently.

And every vow requires devotion.

NOW. NOW. NOW. We must make the vow to a more beautiful ideal and devote our lives to it. Just like we do at births, weddings, and on death beds: we stand in love, we look ahead, and we promise to make good on the vision.

This wild era is a vividly sacred time to avow to new life.

We have to come into ceremony with this global upheaval. Approach it as a sacred passage to higher consciousness, submit our fears, and vow to love.


And vows made in the eye of a storm and at major thresholds are imbued with Divine Power. This is where we commit to Life and carry it out. The ceremony is underway—we just need to fully show up.

And vows are only as strong as our devotion.

And this is why we’re here: to practice Faith in tribulation.

We either leap to the new ground or we might get swallowed by what’s crumbling. Why not leap into our beautiful idealism? Into our future wisdom? Our latent mastery? To the light in the darkness?

This is the time of miracles. The miracle mindset occurs when we realize our innate centeredness—centered in the Great Center. We take a stand in our Divinity. This leads to health, well being, deep rest, and harmony on all levels.

Miraculous change happens all the time, everywhere, everyday. Criminals turn into healers. We get found. We spontaneously heal, we wake up. Isolation fans out into unity. The Holy Instant, the twinkle of an eye. Lazarus lives everywhere. Miracles are natural. Miracles make things right. Miracles heal. And from the other side of the miracle, we choose to do better. And it’s ONLY better together.


Devote to love right now.

With Love,

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