You are the soul that owns the house you live in.

This is a mighty useful metaphor for understanding the concept of our Soul… body temple… energy… spirit… what we attract… nervous systems… hard wiring… All those terms that are jangled around in our wellness space. I have a beautiful breakdown for us that can help keep our human-holiness in perspective.

It starts like this, “The house is the analogy of your body. You are the Soul that owns the house…” How do your emotions relate to your Soul? What does the furniture in your “house” symbolize? LISTEN IN. This is a fun one.

This episode (#50) of With Love, Danielle is short and deep (much like myself). And I’ve paired it with a Love Note to print out called, “A Metaphor for Your Soul.” One of the many spiritual crib notes you’ll find in my How To Be Loving book.

Leave you with one more teaser: “The more resilience we’ve created as a Soul, the less our emotions control us.”

K. Come on in and see how your soul steers your body.

LISTEN HERE: How your Soul steers your body. A metaphor for making sense of it all.

Always With Love,