What did you used to believe in that you now think is ridiculous?

Here, I’ll go first: Soulmates. I used to think there was only one person for every person. An exquisite match of values and ethereal and earthly connectedness that would magnetize two Souls together in unbreakable union. Now? Now I think “The One” is the one because you say they are.

I’m gonna make you The One. You’re it ’cause I said so. And that very intentional selection is so much more romantic and powerful than waiting on the Fates to deliver a one-in-seven-billion person to your door.

I believed in destiny. Now I’m into free will. I used to think I could heal someone with my Love. Now I know it takes a lot more than Love. Most of the time, people have to heal themselves.

In this episode, we’re talking about the courage it takes to change your beliefs. Change what you believe and you change your life. And that time I questioned a lama at a retreat. Questioning your teachers isn’t a sign of disrespect, it’s important. And my thoughts on what Jesus would say if he had a modern, hypothetical PR campaign.

The more curious you are about how life works, the more present you will be in your life.

True wisdom usually holds and transcends opposing points of view. Wisdom knows that there is always an exception to the rule, that there is a time and place, and that case-by-case is divine protocol.

If you can comfortably hold your paradoxes, you’re going to be just fine.

With Love,

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