We are discerning. As in, we search far, we dig deep, and if we have to… we wait for the best to show up. We only recommend people and systems we have worked with directly and come to adore. I love and respect these humans. (As well as the gear that keeps us sailing.)


Chela Davison… is one of my closest and beloved friends. But that’s beside the point. She is one of the most sought-after coaches in the Integral Coaching community—because she is gifted. Her insight and skill are extraordinary. I’ve done three coaching series with Chela, and each has profoundly impacted HOW I work and what I decide to create. Chela is currently helping Team D to create a developmental program. Three words: Respect. Revelation. Transformation. Chela is accepting new clients for her spring and summer coaching programs. Learn more here.

Hiro Boga… I’ve done a series of one-on-one programs with Hiro to, as she poetically puts it, “explore the ecology of my business”. She is a rare and mystical woman with the true capacity to see into situations. True love. Check out Hiro’s Create Mastermind, an immersive, intimate mastermind designed to support you in bringing one vivid, heartfelt creative project to life—with focused attention, skilled support, ease, joy, and sovereignty. Learn more here.

LINK LOVE: Vendors. Suppliers. Trusted Collaborators.



  • Jennifer Spivak… the Facebook Ads Girl. Here’s how Dee from our team describes Jennifer: “She is like the CIA of FB Ads! She’s always at the top of her game, keeping us up-to-speed with the inside scoop. She will tweak and tweak to ensure our ads get the right traction. Jennifer is personable, efficient, and over-the-top caring.”


  • Kelly at MoonDog, Copywriter + Digital Strategist… also has a foot in the world of podcast marketing. Kelly is the editor of my forthcoming podcast (!) and helped me sort out all of the engineering stuff to make it a reality. No-nonsense, lovely and knowledgeable, I’m so grateful to have found her.

  • Kevin at Red Room Sound, Audio + Video Engineer… was the sound editor for my audiobooks and meditation kits, and also pulls together all of my rambling voice memos into profesh files for the blog. We’ve worked with Kevin for about four years now. Again: so grateful.



  • Elise and Duncan at Spectrum, Printing. They go to the ends of the earth to find us eco-friendly everything and then pull together massive print jobs without a glitch. Thankfulness.

  • Friesens, Printing. PROFESSIONAL PERFECTION. Very happy with Friesens.

  • Trysk, Printing. Specialty jobs and weird requests from us—they’ve got it covered!

  • Huaxin, Printing. For China-based jobs we are happy to have found Huaxin for their integrity and efficiency.

  • Chicago Paper Tube, Recyclable + Biodegradable Packaging.

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