Dear Coaches, Teachers, Counselors… People who serve.

If you’re in the business of Soul-work and service, how do take care of yourself? One of our Desire Map Facilitators, Katie Tassone-Milligan, chimes in: “Holding space for others and giving your all… it can take a toll!”

What do you do to make sure you can shine without burning out? A suggestion. So simple:

End with gratitude. Even if you’re blurry-eyed at the end of the day, make a quick gratitude summary your closing ritual. Say thank you—to yourself. Even if you think you could have done better—declare your strengths. Go to bed grateful.

We polled our Fire Starter Sessions + Desire Map Facilitators about their favourite self-care routines after a workshop or coaching session. Team D was super-inspired! We hope you are, too…

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Celebrate + Refuel
Inspiration from our peoples…

I have an appointment at the spa the day after every event. I journal in the hot tub about how the day went, reflect on what was amazing and what could be tweaked… and then I enjoy an hour and fifteen minute facial. This is my treat to myself for going after my dreams every month. It’s become a beautiful, rewarding and guilt free tradition.” — Stephanie Johnston

Netflix comedy episode and a big cup of tea.” — Melanie Clark Pullen

Debrief with my hubby, romcom, or a sitcom (gotta be light-hearted), followed by a good night’s sleep and ideally, a sleep in the next day!” — Katie Tassone-Milligan

I always go to the beach to sit and decompress. Whether I stay in the car overlooking the headland or actually go down onto the sand, serves the same purpose.” —Brooke Maggs

Coming home to my family. Dinner being cooked. Hugging and kissing. Then allowing the energy of the day come through me. In bits. Fully. And being at my very own sacred home family-space. It’s major!” — Nathalie Bougie

Order in, journal, drink wine and to bed early!” — Lisa Kuzman

Quick debrief online to share the experience and vibe. Then a dinner date with my hubby out or he cooks for me and we debrief. The next day is blocked off. I sleep in if I can. Bath in essential oils and watch a movie in the tub. Journal. Meditate. Write. Whatever I feel like in the moment. My fav to date was hitting up the Scandinave Spa. A day of no talking!” — Ann Marie McKenzie

My daily meditation practice helps the most. I also try to schedule downtime after a workshop, and I schedule more time for me between 1:1 sessions.” — Kathy Hick

For a big public workshop: a debrief with hubby while on my high, then a bath in silence, eyes closed, savouring the sweetest moments of the session. For 1:1 coaching, some yoga moves & breathing to move through the energy exchanged and release anything I took on.” —Tui Fleming

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Gratitude. Fist pumps. Rest. So good for your longevity.