I’ve been on a learning binge lately–itchin’ for some expansion, some deepening, just a few sparks. I surfaced some beautiful notions and change agents last week:

Chris Guillebeau, whose wildly popular site, The Art of Non Conformity tracks his enviable, audacious, and soon-to-be met goal to travel to every country in the world. Chris and I are in a blogging network together and he’s as sweet and helpful as he seems. I downloaded and PRINTED out his 79 page free e-book, A Brief Guide To World Domination: How To Live a Remarkable Life in A Conventional World (and other important goals) and it burned away any mistiness I had about my own motivation to spread the get-off-your-ass-and-do-something-with-your-life message. Chris is upfront about his intention to inspire engaged living, and I find his work lovable and fresh.

Patty Digh, author of Life Is A Verb, + David Robinson = Quality. Substance. Devotion. I participated in their free seminar last week on “Playing with your blocks.” They didn’t waste anytime getting to the sage stuff. Patti’s opening question melted my heart and echoed the question I am living: “If you could imagine that your art could provide everything you needed in your life, how would you approach your art?” If I’d paid $500 bucks for that phone call, I would have got my money’s worth in the first five minutes. I tweaked that question to suit my affirmative head space, printed it out and taped to the cover of my kraft Moleskin:

Feeling that my art provides everything I need in my life, I approach my art…

The conversation went on to explore false oppositions, split intentions, and other juicy inquiries like, “What’s below the surface of what you want to achieve?”

Live to learn,

With Love,