i’m loving mondays: creativity promptsGanesha

This funky elephant man Hindu deity has been crossing my path a lot lately, so I decided to pay attention. I was jazzed to discover that he is also called the Lord of Success, and The Remover of Obstacles and the Destroyer of Pride. Works for me. Ommmmm Ganesha.

These daily Creativity Prompts from Grace Kerina, which are one of the first things I love to read every morning–truly original stuff, like:

How would you solve this problem if you were raised by wolves?
Double-dare yourself.
Express the issue as a mathematical equation.
Stop defending your position and see what changes.

1. This list of 999 business ideas, free for the taking. This was really inspiring for me last week. It’s proof that creativity is a stream that loves to flow – all you’ve got to do it flow with it.

2. My awareness of the divine basics: everyone in my life is healthy, I earn a living doing what I love, technology saves lives, music heals, kindness is universal, we are all making progress.

Start the week on a high note. What are you loving?


With Love,