I’m loving:

i’m loving mondays: ego to uggs


1. My willingness to look like a changeable fool.

2. This interview on EnlightenNext with Greek Orthodox Priest, Archimandrite Dionysios:


“Q: What is the character of the ego? How does it manifest within a human being?


A: When we don’t trust. Ego is born when we don’t trust others. When we’re afraid of others, when we need guns against others, then we need to have an ego because we are in the wrong way of life. We think only of ourselves, and we see only our ego. But when we see each other, when we trust each other, there is no need for ego, no reason for ego, no possibility for ego.”

3. Intent.com. With Deepak Chopra’s daughter, Mallika, at the helm, this site has a good chance of going big. My intents have just begun.

4. Sarah Bray’s lil’ “MaTweeps” interviews with cool people like creative wonder girl, Leah Piken Kolidas.

5. My husband’s courage…melts my heart.

6. This thought from White Hot reader, Mojo, in response to last week’s, “Are You Willing To Be Toast?” article: “Non-complacent, mysterious surrender.” Ahhh. So good I need to repeat it: non-complacent, mysterious surrender.

7. My Uggs. They changed my life. I write mo’ better when I’m warm and cozy. I love my Uggs more everyday {tho’ let it be known, I do not think that Uggs should ever be worn in public.}

What are you loving right now? Start the week with some sweetness.

RESOURCE: Daniel Scocco’s You Must Love Mondays post


With Love,