1. My willful but open heart.
  2. My tears.
  3. My new Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse. It really is revolutionary. I’m surprised it doesn’t make toast.
  4. That, thanks to @marrisabracke on Twitter, I solved my i-Pod’s “stuck click wheel” dilemma. Here’s the solution: Flip the hold switch back-n-forth a couple times, then hold Menu + Select (together) for a few secs until Apple logo appears. That usually works!
  5. Being clear on how I contribute to the Twitter community: provocative inquiry (lil’ white hot truth Q’s.) No “what I’m having for lunch” or “hey everyone, I’m signing off for bed now” commentary.
  6. That my friend had the best day of her life yesterday.
  7. That my other friend admitted he was depressed…and is being still to hear his essence.
  8. My new favourite magazine: HOW: Design. Creativity. Business.

And you? What are you loving at this moment in time? A love list is a great way to start the week. Meet you back here next Monday.


With Love,