Always so much to love. Some of my current particulars:

Let’s start with the sexxxy stuff…



David Deida. It takes some cosmic class to weave concepts of God and fucking and transcendence and fear together in one contemporary breath without shock affect. David Deida’s got it. Deida’s free audios and his vintage videos are a great place to begin (put your earphones on if you’re listening to this in your cubicle or with kids around), as is one of his earlier books, Intimate Communion.

I Heart My Vagina: Vaginoplasty and the Spiritual Circumcision of Women, by Chela Davison is one of the most deeply thoughtful pieces on beauty I’ve ever read:

“I write this as and for the women to pluck and preen and poke and slice and ache and choke and starve and inject. I write this as and for the women who spend more time trying to improve their bodies than their minds and who feel it’s more important to have a great rack than an open heart, or flawless skin over deep wisdom.”

Chela Davison is my Integral Life Coach, and I get her transcendence on a regular basis (and maybe you should as well), and damn, she can write.



The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have. Mark Nepo is our generation’s Rumi. What a blessing that his beautiful book of deep thinking was given to Oprah as a gift…and the rest is history. I bought ten copies for friends.


I’m plugging two of my favourite people-trainers and soul midwives here:

My personal book proposal whisperer, Linda Sivertsen offers book proposal retreats in Carmel. She helped me craft the proposal for the print edition of The Fire Starter Sessions that landed me a quarter million dollar deal with Random House. Uh huh. And she’s a radiant woman. Check out the Carmel retreats with Linda Sivertsen here.

My speaking coach, Gail Larsen. I’ve done two workshops with Gail and the work was soul-affirming and game-changing for me. This will affect your creativity, your writing, all presentations — how you show up in the world. Click here to get on it asap. (And if you’re inclined, check out Gail’s 5 day intensive that she offers in Santa Fe – ahhh-mazing stuff, I took it in January. Still glowing.)



Adele’s new album, entitled 21, just dropped this week and it sumptuous. One and Only is a precious love call.

I’m also currently obsessed with Amos Lee’s latest CD: Mission Bell. “My heart is a flower, that blooms every hour and I believe in the power of love…” Amos finds the sweet spot in the blues.


I was given some Mala Beads from Tiny Devotions and I’ve decided they’re going to be my new favourite present for sisters and holistic misters. They’re seeped with intention, Canadian- and women-made, and you can feel the love vibing off them. Om shanti.

With Love,