1. I’m loving the unbounded, multi-disciplinary creativity of Stella McCartney.

2. Yoko Ono’s REVELATIONS. She makes me giggle and coo at the same time. She’s still out there waving the love flag and approaching “other” as “I”. This sweet song put little ruffles on the edges of my heart.

3. I’m loving that, at our house, we believe in the Easter Bunny and fairies.

4. I’m really really loving that I’m working with cool chicks to produce Fire Starter events in the following cities!: Los Angeles, Portland, Toronto, Atlanta, New York. It’s all happening very magically… like the right things tend to. Stay tuned!

5. Laser engraved ostrich eggs from tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

6. This very lucid perspective on Honesty vs. Authenticity from Betaworks: There are many who see honesty as a noble goal within business or personal relationships. Though I think honesty captures the passive and reactive components to the open exchange of ideas, authenticity extends the responsibility to be a proactive representation of your true self. Where honesty has an on/off switch, the ethical center of authenticity requires it to be always on. It isn’t opportunistic. It is a contract that embodies a level of candor that is often uncomfortable. Given there is no growth without struggle, authenticity provides the fertile soil to grow at all times.

7. I rarely dis’, but I’m loving that Billy Bob Thornton had to cancel his band’s Canadian tour because of the backlash to his supremely asshole behavior in this Jian Ghomeshi for CBC interview.

8. And while I’m feeling patriotic, I’m loving this pop art from Timothy Wilson Hoey (who’s upcoming shows are selling out before the art gets on the walls.)

9. I’m loving redefining what wealth means to me. It’s flexible but focused. It’s heart-based but pragmatic. And every one is accounted for. Cha ching. It’s spring. What are you loving?


With Love,