I was on the phone with a friend who was in the middle of a healing crisis. She was suffering and tired, and so very tired of the suffering.

I pulled out the strongest medicine I had in my love tote and said:
This will be a distant memory someday.
You will actually be
better than ever.

Imagine that.

Imagine that the unbearable bind will not only loosen its grip, but that you’ll fly—higher than ever.
Imagine that the heaviest pain will be alchemized into a light that makes you pure radiance.
Imagine from the pit of loneliness that you will know a union that puts your life on an axis of love.

A healer gave me this same medicine when I was crawling back to health: You’ll forget it was this bad. I had to stretch to believe her, but I imagined the future that I most deeply and wildly desired. I dared myself to go beyond the baseline of “well” and “recovered” and into the quantum field of truly better than ever.

The imaginal is where realities begin to form. Drop your very brightest vision to that space and walk toward it one faithful step—or quantum leap, at a time.

Better than ever,