Dear Beautiful Human,

The Lie of Inadequacy says, “You were born defective, not good enough, flawed.” Ha ha! Not even close.

Inadequacy is an ego sham—an exhausting lie. If we buy it, we can get stuck in the worthy/unworthiness loop.

A very healing version of WORTH exists when you drop the ‘y,” and embrace our Divine Worth—simply because we exist. End of story.

This is the topic for Heart Centered this October. WORTH. A BIG DEEP GORGEOUS TOPIC. LIFE STUFF. Fall into it with me…

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • My monthly Perspective gives an esoteric point of view on the egoic lie that “worthiness” is working overtime to cover up.

  • The meditation + mantra for this month are technologies to heal and expand.

  • Three Full and New Moon Write + Burn exercises for cleansing our energy bodies. Release emotional suffering, make room for clarity.

  • Members-only Heart to Heart Q+As every other week on Zoom. Pre-submit personal questions (relationships, esoterica, heart centered business… anything!) This community is DEEP.

  • A water blessing ritual for cleansing emotional residue.

  • A WORTH playlist.

  • Desire Mapping prompts, and a bit more. Generosity is our favourite.

Financial accessibility…

Available at multiple pricing levels. My aim is that anyone who resonates gets access. We dive into a new focus every month, so there’s always fresh content. But if you decide the membership isn’t for you, it’s easy to cancel before your next renewal date.

Doors are open ‘til Wednesday, September 30.

Enrollment opens at the end of every month. Come on in if you’re called. Click here to explore the membership.

Dissolve the approval seeking. Steady yourself in WORTH. Expand.

With Love,