I renovated my digital temple! Fresh site + new treats!: Did you grab your virtual goody bag yet? Among the swag: a free download of the entire first session of THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS, my talk from The World Domination Summit ’11. CHECK IT OUT.

A question: How do you want it all to feel? Sensuous goal refinement + emotional magnetizing.

How to conduct a great interview: punctuations + emotion: What makes a meaningful interview? One that lets your interviewee shine. I’ve got a list of 12 pointers to help you rock it like the greats. GIVE AN INTRO THAT MAKES YOUR INTERVIEWEE SOUND LIKE A ROCK STAR

A question: What’s your purpose for money?

It’s not too late to be… you. (and why I changed my site name): To operate from a more luminous place, you need to shed skin and cut gimmicks loose. With less persona in the lead, you can access more light. EMBRACE THE LOGIC OF LETTING GO

A question: What’s one dumb thing that you used to believe in?

Why we (should) change our mind in the 11th hour: You’re down to the last minutes, poised + ready to go after months of planning and jamming, when suddenly… you want to throw up. Embrace the potential genius of the last-minute knowings. LET YOUR SOUL TAKE ITS TRUE SHAPE IN THE WORLD

You are more (A poem. A prayer)

A question: What do you want to revolutionize?

Light bright,