Wise decisions aren’t an intellectual exercise. They aren’t always rational, and they aren’t led by data or opinion—though a wise decision takes all the facts into consideration, it’s an inside-out process. Wise decisions are from the heart-mind. They aim for harmony, and they increase the vibration of love—within one’s self and the people involved (whether they’re conscious of it or not).

Your body, your job, what you eat, where you work, what you say…
Who you partner with, what you wear, how you speak in public…
What to buy, spend, commit to, depart from

What’s wise?

Is your decision based on the threat of consequences?
On fear of what might happen in the future?
On what people are going to say about you?
On fear of loss?

We might add up those fear fragments and call it “logic” (when it’s really just an anxiety bandaid).
And then we might call that logic “following our heart.”
But it’s really the shadow self trying to keep us safe and small.

The heart helps us expand-heal-serve.

How to know if you’ve made a wise decision? You feel peaceful about it. Doesn’t mean that there isn’t work ahead and hard changes to make. But you feel at peace with what needs to be done.

Another characteristic of wise choices is that the decision benefits, or is at least neutral, to everyone involved. Meaning, there’s no vengeance or emotional hooks in it. It’s loving.

Imagine deeply loving someone (a partner, child, friend). Feel that love. Can you feel how you’d go the distance for them? How encouraging you’d be of them? Feel the reverence, the goodwill, and the protectiveness you have for them.

Now be THAT LOVING and respectful to yourself and from that heart space, give yourself wise counsel. Have your best interests at heart. Our best interest has everything to do with staying aligned with our Soul and moving in the direction of Compassion and Loving Kindness.

Wise decisions are always based in love and have nothing to prove to anyone.

Does the choice help you expand, heal and serve?

Your call.

With Love,