For the longest time, I labeled myself as an introvert. Loved to wave my introvert flag (not too high though). That identity meant I didn’t have to talk to my neighbours much. It meant that I could sit in the corner at a party and talk to one person all night, even if it was to avoid talking to other people. I’m not shy. I’m not hemmed by social anxiety, I was just… an “introvert.” 

That label held me back from my full range of Love and presence.

We all have story lines that we carry around.

I’m an achiever. I work hard. I always do my best. I’m stubborn. I’m not good with women. I can do anything. I create my own reality. I’m physically fragile. I am blessed beyond measure.

The problem is that most labels come from the past. Or they’re constructed by an outside source (family, religion, media). And they can pinch.

Might be time for a label inventory on yourself.

I’m taking us there on WITH LOVE, DANIELLE. Eps 67. Let’s shake up your personal label-maker and set you free.

ALSO! This episode has a fresh new printable LOVE NOTE called Remember who you are. (I’m accumulating love notes for you and you can print or screen cap them anytime.)

Always With Love,