Hello Loves, 

Welcome to Episode 100 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE! Thanks for rollin’ deep with me times 100! I don’t take a single listen, click, share, or comment for granted. 


Is your inner child choosing your relationships? Short answer: Ya. Totally.

Consciously or unconsciously. It’s not bleak, babe, it’s a good thing. Because your Inner Child is choosing the relationships that lead you to your power

We know a lot of our wounds from childhood stay with us. Jump cut to being grownups and those wounds may still be in the basement of our psyches. Until we choose to get proactive and have a clearing session.

In Eps 100 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, we’re going to unpack:

  • Why our Inner Child—our unhealed self—is going about choosing our relationships. (Don’t get too bummed out, it’s how we heal.)
  • Why we connect/choose partners and people who match the energy of our wounds
  • Why every trigger is an opportunity to show up better with our beloveds (and even the barista)
  • 7 suggestions on how to REFRAME THE TRIGGERS
  • An extra special shout out to the unconditional girlfriend love that ALL of our relationship could benefit from

Your triggers are power levers. I promise, promise. This reframe will change your LIFE.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! As always, we’re going deep… but keeping it light.

With Love,



Note: This episode contains adult language.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Love Notes: This episode’s love note is a love poem, You girlfriend, YOU. The things women friends do... print it out and give it to your bestie. Sign up here to get all access to the Love Notes library—we update it almost weekly! 

Golden Light Body Visualization: connecting with your true nature, your luminous awareness—and deeply cleansing at the same time. This relieves your sensory system of extra baggage—and the renewal and relaxation is an extra bonus.

Terry Real, Creator of Relational Life Therapy: My man and I took his 6-week online course and we’re better for it.