Hello Loves, 

Catch that subject line?

It’s not your relationship. It’s you. 

Slightly provocative? Yes. Likely true on the deepest level? Also yes. 

Almost everything that I’ve had to apologize for in a relationship––or that I’ve wanted an apology for, had to do with my nervous system being too jacked or too drained. 

The current human reality (you, me, the planet…)

  1. We’re generally dysregulated, out of balance. We’re fried. Frayed. AND…
  2. We are Love. We want to show up as Love. We want to receive Love. We want to give Love. 

And whether we’re conscious of it or not, we know on some level that our relationships are THE vehicle for healing, self-awareness, for getting closer to our Higher Self…

It ALL happens in relationships. 

Episode #91 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE is the third in a 3 part conversation on nervous system regulation. It’s about learning how to meet our triggers (hello, Inner Child and everyone in the world who’s triggering my Inner Child.) And then processing those triggers more mindfully, often physically, so that we don’t have to owe––or demand more apologies.

 In this session we explore:

  • Why we keep trying to solve the wrong problems in our relationships
  • The relational symptoms of nervous system imbalance (overstaying, bickering, the silent treatment and the blame game…)
  • Simple ways to get centered in heated or heartbreaking interactions
  • How to get OUT of the loop of unhealthy behaviors/situations and a dysregulated nervous system––so we can unwire lifelong default stress responses that hinder love, intimacy, expression, and intuition. 

When the nervous system is strong, then our relating is strong. Less wigging, more loving. 

To less friction and more freedom,


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