January roared by like a mountain brushfire. Debris = gone. Scorched, clean ground for productive growth.

I signed my Random House/Crown contract for the print “life” edition of The Fire Starter Sessions, and dove deep into deadline-mode (4 books. 2 years. Yes, ma’am). Champagne flowing steady.

Jumped on a heart-warming call with Jonathan Fields, and helped 2 entrepreneurs-in-the-making (and 248 listeners) refine their businesses.

: 20 personal money practices that got me to a place of grooving prosperity
We all lunge into the new year with buckets of worthy intentions — how about a fresh money philosophy? Be attentive. Don’t cling. Practice generosity. GO FOR PLEASURE.

: crazy sexy diet: self-empowered glowing and the science of kris carr
It’s been 23 days since Kris Carr’s latest book, Crazy Sexy Diet, hit the shelves. Today, she’s sitting pretty as a The New York Times bestseller. WATCH MY INTERVIEW WITH KRIS. Then buy a copy for your 10 closest friends. And make yourself a green smoothie.

: why you’re privileged: perspective from the dark side
If you’re reading this, the highest probability is that you are extremely fortunate. Your mother had the right idea: eat your dinner, there are children starving in the world. CHOOSE TO BE APPRECIATIVE.

super-charged success, into february, and beyond…