We did it! We launched THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS into the world like a rocket. The reviews are raving and the parties were magic. Hardcover, digital, audio…your FIRE STARTER awaits. Thank you, thank you for fanning these flames. I’ll be writing more next week about what’s been happening since launch day.

A book is born! There are presents!

It’s a book! She weighs in at 1.9 lbs. And she’s full of love + big opinions.

A Credo For Making It Happen. Book trailer release! 40k + views on You Tube. Woo!

We partied. And we have the pictures to prove it. Smiling faces and shiny hearts. Watch the videos and look at the flickr sets from the NYC and Toronto launch parties HERE.

Philosophy, prose, motivation:

The Incremental Commitment Formula. Realistic Give ‘n Take. The Incremental Commitment Formula goes like so: The more it works, the more you give. Simple. You don’t invest in hope. You respond to results. You earn your respect and you let the people around you earn theirs…

Reframing “obligations” into empowered choices. Re-frame obligations into conscious choices. Then your obligations become more power-full service…

A Wolf Called Something A poem for what beckons you: Something is approaching / the edge of my land /a wolf that won’t back down….


What’s your favourite piece of advice that you’ve been given?

How do you say what you do? (Give your self credit.)

What money resentments do you have…that you could let go of?

Video series on HuffPost. Jump in anytime!: 30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius. You + Me On The Huffington Post.


Videos! Questions! Worksheets! Your Creative Genius on Fire! Things are heating up with my Huffington Post gig: 30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius. Every day offers a new question + a short sermon-video, and some days have additional worksheet content — which I especially love…

Wear your heart on your sleeve…and reach.