Binding identities, grievances, expired dreams, regrets, possessions. Can you feel the pressure to let go?

Energetic stagnation makes us more vulnerable to all kinds of viral things—from negative thought patterns to viruses. I’m rolling out “The List of Letting Go” so we can lighten our emotional load to fit through this portal of change.

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Eps 1: Dying for Love
This is a divine appointment. If you’re on the planet right now, you’re being called to help humanity take an evolutionary leap. This challenge can bring us face to face with our wounded shadow selves—and our Divinity. We need to go to the root of our personal pain and become healers—and healed leaders.

Eps 2: Sacred reprioritization
This global shift is a chance for us to get in sync with our natural cycles—we’ve been too busy to know we’re aching for it. We’ve been in overdrive for too long. It’s part of the reason we’re in this predicament. Slow down and tune in.

Eps 3: Your suffering is a holy event
We step into the shadow work. I have key questions to help you navigate to the source of your suffering—and personal stories of my own dark night of the soul that might catalyze your healing. Turn pain into power.

Eps 4: Things I do when I’m in pain
I wrote you a list of 60+ things I do when I’m in pain. The range: simple mood shifters to deep devotional practices. These methods for nourishing your nervous system and connecting to the Divine work when you’re falling apart, AND when you have your shit together.

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Chapter 6: Scenario planning with faith
Everything we’re doing now, we must do out of Love, not fear. Our hand-washing and sheltering. Our activism. How we manage our rage and our worry. How we hold tight to Faith—in ourselves and each other. Fear leads to future restriction: isolation, tension, us vs. them. Centering in Love is how we get to the new world: connection, flow, inclusion. This episode is the philosophy and the practical “what we actually need to do.” Love, in action.

Chapter 7: Make this change you
Why do some of us change as a result of suffering and some of us don’t? What creates revolutions? What propels ascension? As anyone who’s gone through a dark night of the soul knows, dawn can be as magnificent as the darkness was brutal. I’m banking on it. We can’t just “let” this change us… we’ve got to make this change us. 

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