Water is clarity. Water is freeing. It can help you see who you are and who you want to become. In the depths of it, on the surface of it…water is healing. And it will show you, like a homecoming, exactly how you want to feel.

Courtney Sinclair is a full time engineer with a deep pull toward the outdoors, healing in nature, and personal development. She is also a Desire Map Facilitator.

This past Spring, Courtney hosted a workshop at the Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat where she combined her passions for personal development and paddle-boarding into one incredible Desire Map Retreat.

“This spring I discovered the bigger picture behind these two teaching tools boiled down to offering personal development experiences in nature — empowerment outside. ‘Go outside, Grow inside.’ That simple. Yet I don’t know how or when I would have reached this clarity had it not been for the opportunity to lead through Desire Map Licensing.”

The attendees stayed in cabins in the woods, spending the first evening in a sauna and swimming in the lake under moonlight. The next morning Courtney led them through a Yin yoga practice on the dock.

“During the workbook sessions it was really powerful to have all of this outdoor space for people to go off on their own to dive into the gratitude exercises, dreaming about how they might want to feel.”

“The way Courtney facilitates The Desire Map is truly unique by providing these beautiful and powerful outdoor experiences that allow you to step outside of your comfort zone and to step back into yourself, reconnecting to how and what you want to feel in your life both personally and professionally, showing you how the journey to the destination can feel just as good as the arrival.”

— Amanda U.
Petawawa, Ontario

“We swam. We paddled. We held a meditation sound bath —  everyone got cozy in savasana while we filled their bodies with the sound energy of crystal singing bowls, our voices, a monochord, and individual sound smudges with chimes. We held a releasing ceremony at a fire to let our shit go…”

“If someone had an epiphany, a realization, showed courage, or surprised themselves…we lit a sparkler for them in the moment and held the silence as a celebration. This is probably the most simple and powerful way to honour someone’s growth and to honour them for simply showing up.”

Photo credit: Amanda Urbanski Creative Photography

“I attended Courtney’s Desire Map Retreat at a time of crisis. Having recently gone through a bad break up, I was in a confusing place. Little did I know that the retreat would begin to transform my life into one that I was proud to live. The hosts, the atmosphere, the conversations and the connection I felt with other retreaters ignited something in me that was passionate, focused, and trusting of the trying times life had thrown me. I still believe that the Desire Map Retreat helped me launch my life into a new place where I am now fearlessly travelling Asia and I am actually living the life I always dreamed of.”

— Marie S.
London, Ontario