Listen: Meditations

Our meditations are highly visual journeys designed to heal our nervous systems, open our hearts, and to be a means of serving the collective and Mother Earth—which in turn opens our own channels to Higher Consciousness and Love.

How these meditations work…

These meditations are both a “Creative Visualization” and a “Meditation.” You’re going to use your imagination to paint a visual picture and drop into a particular energy frequency. Then you’ll energize it with your steady focus and gentle breathing.

I co-create these practices with a beloved friend and energy healer, V.S., who draws on various wisdom traditions to develop these “sacred energy containers.” It’s as if she is the lyricist and I’m the front singer.

These are highly visual practices, not routinized or rhythmic observational practices. Light and colour frequency and nature imagery feature prominently in these practices. Each meditation is an interactive journey that commences with invocation and intention setting to heal on the deepest levels and to extend the benefits of that healing to all sentient life.

We call on the support of Higher Beings to help bring you into balance. Then we weave in simple word Mantras (in English) or Prayers that are designed to help break-down old and restrictive thought-forms.

Most meditations have shorter versions (10 to 15 minutes) and extended versions—all guided by me on audio. I’ve created “one-pager” written versions and full length guidebooks so that once you practice it a few times, you can carry on on your own with the essential steps.

Choose your meditation— with your heart…

If you’re wondering which practice to begin with… I think your heart is the best guide. Choose the practice that resonates with you the most right now.

If you want to ease in, start with Creation Space—a very visual and simple guided practice that’s focused on the Divine Feminine Principle and restoring our nervous system. The Embrace Meditation is also very simple and beautiful. Below I explain the essential vibe and function of each practice.

For Nervous System healing

We use visuals of lush forest imagery and light to call on the Divine Feminine Principle––that ever generative, creative energy, to bring vitality to our nervous system.

A simple, very healing practice that you can do in 10 to 40 minutes.


“I’ve been struggling to meditate for years. I was convinced meditation was not me. This meditation was absolutely amazing!!! I was so moved by the feelings I cried. I felt so much healing, gratitude, and relaxation.”

– Amanda

The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit

For Inner Child healing

A very moving way to connect with your subconscious—aka, our Inner Child—to pour love on our unhealed wounds. Very nourishing and comforting. We use the imagery of a cherry blossom grove. The extended version includes the Ho’oponoponpo and Metta Bhavana Prayers.


“Thank you for this powerful offering. You brought me to myself and I had tears from the beginning to end. So grateful.”

– Kristen

For Service to Mother Earth

Earth Adoration is a deep plunge into the cosmos to offer service to Mother Earth—we pour light on to all elements of the planet, from the sky to humanity. Keeping in mind here that to give is to receive. A highly esoteric practice, we call in angelic beings and complete with grounding deeply into the Earth.


“This was the most gorgeous creation. I sat by the river this morning, and it came alive for me. I could feel my heart expanding with each word and image. There is much gratitude in me for what you created today.”

– Frances

For tapping into the Divine Feminine

This is a very gentle, short practice that works with colour frequencies, and calls on the Divine Feminine for healing in the cave of our hearts. This is an ideal practice to do both in the morning and before sleep.


“[This meditation] is giving me the all over post-meditation buzz vibes each and every morning when I listen to it. It used to take a much longer dive in to experience that so I thank you for this beautiful piece of work.”

– Kate

Transmute wounds into wisdom.

The Ocean + Rose Meditation guides us to gently and thoroughly let go of all of the layers from a sticky or painful connection or event. Your part in the pain, their part in it, the pain in the middle. The pain over the pain.


Group meditation is a castle that protects the new spiritual aspirants, as well as the veteran meditators. Meditating together increases the degree of Self-realization of each member of the group by the law of invisible vibratory exchange of group magnetism.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda

For nurturing your relationship–with yourself + others

We create a sacred container that symbolizes our relationship––including both our other person(s) and ourselves in the healing vessel, and we pour in our healing intention to bring balance and vitality. We work with light and a set of mantra-type words. This is a beautiful act of loving.


“This work is so important right now. As we are in this unknown void space; either away from loved ones, or spending so much more time with them.”

– Natasha

For releasing relationship dynamics that no longer serve us

We work with current or long past relationships—with an individual or a group of people, to release the painful dynamics and harmonize the relating. The central practice here is forgiveness and highest blessing to everyone involved, including ourselves.


“I feel lighter, and more like myself after doing the Relationship Releasing Meditation. Pair it with Relationship Nourishing and you’re well on your way to feeling less anxiety and restlessness.”

– Victoria

We need to attune before we set out to attain.

In terms of starting the day strong, what many productivity and “life-hack” methods don’t take into consideration is: a) our personal history with mornings, and b) the sacred energetics of sunrise, and the stirring of our cognitive thinking. Enter…

Good Morning, Love. A combination of rituals, habits, and questions to help you begin your day in a sacred and helpful way.

Here’s to sacred conclusions.

Common language around ending the day: crashing… konked out, I was beat… bushed. Calling it quits… Also… wind down, packing it in… We miss the sacred when we’re exhausted, and when we’re pressured to be more productive tomorrow.

Rest is the Great Healer. Goodnight, Love is a collection of pre-sleep practices, rituals, and habits to meet sundown with reverence.

Cleansing emotions + strengthening our interconnectedness.

The Water Blessing Practice helps to calm our inner world so we can have more ease in our interconnectedness to… LIFE and others.

The astral and “emotional” realm is symbolized by water. We cleanse the inner waters and we can navigate with more clarity. Relief. Steady. Peace.

Occasional sermons on resilience, love and discernment.

I talk about using suffering to get to joy, and waking up to our Divinity––and then how we pour that light on the world.

Esoterica meets the daily doings. Compassionate and very straight up. These conversations are intended to help us feel less alone, full of possibility, and very clearly part of the solution.

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