There are times to go to the mat for what you believe in. And… in my experience… MOST of the time… disengaging from duking it out is a very very good idea. Maybe even the BEST idea. For your nervous system, for world peace.

And it’s the hardest move. Because the fear-mind really loves to prove who’s right or wrong and it loves to win in court—whether that court is an online chat about who should be canceled, or an argument about who left the toilet seat up.

This podcast began with a call from a friend who was in a litigious situation with a royal pain in the ass associate. My friend was sooooo clearly in the right and their opponent was so clearly… not cool.

“So what if you gave the conflict just zero more energy?” Zero. More. Energy.

“What if you loved yourself so much that you didn’t take the hook?” Loved… yourself so much…

And with that, I invite you to consider not taking the bait to fight. This is episode #45 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE and I’m seriously rooting for your peace of mind.

Always with Love,