These nourishing words are antidotes to the fear-based, limiting scripts we’ve had on repeat for years.
Some are sprinkled through my book How To Be Loving, some are recent inspirational pieces from the Podcast, all of them are created just for you, With Love.

4 Things to Know Before You Say Affirmations

There’s a sequencing for creating healthier affirmations to ensure the Higher Self is doing the talking.

A love poem for our girlfriends.

I have learned so much about unconditional-ness and playfulness from my female friendships.

You girlfriend, YOU. The things women friends do… print it out and give it to your bestie. Or read it to her over the phone. xo

“First they came for…”

Martin Niemöller was a prominent Lutheran minister in Germany. After Adolf Hitler came into power in 1933, Niemöller became an outspoken critic of Hitler’s interference in the Protestant church.

Niemöller is perhaps the best remembered for his post-war statement:

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist…”

8 Signs That You’re Balanced in Relationships

A list of the indicators that we are relating from inner balance, from the heart center. From higher vibration, awareness, and expansion. BTW—Love is the greatest, most powerful, immediate regulator of the nervous system.

19 Questions For Nourishing Yourself

An inquiry for your relationship to the healing areas of your life. We’re looking at stillness, body, silence, quality of sleep and more—connecting to ALL the healing sources. You probably haven’t been asked questions like this before. Deeper questions, bigger healing.

Early Intimacies.

A Poem by Danielle.

I Open My Heart. A prayer.

A short prayer to call on the Infinite with sincerity and open your heart to radiate Divine Love.

The Metta Bhavana Prayer

In Buddhist terminology, metta = Loving Kindness and bhavana = practice. Who’s in for a Loving Kindness Practice? The Metta Bhavana Prayer is my favorite-simple-powerful-daily-inclusive-beautiful prayer.

A Nourished Nervous System: What’s your before + after?

A simple before and after exercise to check in with your nervous system and get clear on what’s working and what could use your love and attention. From flight-fight-freeze-fawn to rest, digest, ease, and balance.

The Bride of Fire

Here’s a very simple and encompassing invocation that you can use before prayers, meditations, meals… anything moment where you want to get into alignment with your Soul and create beautiful results.

Dedication of Merit

Say this before + after your prayers or meditations… and to begin and end your work day! Or your yoga, or grace with meals, or bathing, or a walk in the woods, making a donation, reaching out to a loved one, working with a client, tending to a neighbour, mending a misunderstanding, before a moment of stillness, or song, or movement—making ALL we do an offering for ALL.

A tool kit for how to heal

A series of insightful questions.
Grab a journal and your favorite pen. Let’s get to work.

Harmony, integrity, accord, cooperation, wholeness, peace. You have all of that within, and the courage to do what it takes, to get the fragmented pieces together.

Improve your focus to improve your manifesting.

3 minutes of dedicated daily practice.
4 beautiful focal points. 

Daily devotion, designed to hone your concentration.

Please don’t ask if you’re worthy: Simple Questions for Self Compassion

Get out your journal, ask yourself some deeper questions about worthiness. I have a few thought provoking prompts for you to start the process. PS – We are all worthy.

A Metaphor For Your Soul

This is a mighty useful metaphor for understanding the concept of our Soul… body temple… energy… spirit… what we attract… nervous systems… hard wiring… All those terms that are jangled around in the wellness space.

The Metta Bhavana Prayer

In Buddhist terminology, metta = Loving Kindness and bhavana = practice. Who’s in for a Loving Kindness Practice? The Metta Bhavana Prayer is my favorite-simple-powerful-daily-inclusive-beautiful prayer.

7 Virtues

Working to embody a virtue helps to break down the blockages to one’s Soul. It’s a karmic win-win! The higher vibration of the virtues melts the lower vibration of the ego.

I Love You

Divine Love—absolute inclusiveness—is the flowing substance of all joy and the medicine for all sorrow.

It’s the revelation and the refuge. It’s why we exist and how we make life come to life. Divine Love is the Truth of who we are. May it animate us in every way. May we walk by its Light and magnify it everywhere we are.

May All Be So Blessed

When you’re noticing your good fortune—from true love to food on the table… and *at the same time* you’re keenly aware that not everyone is doing as well in this moment… then:⁣ ⁣ 

  1. a) give a prayer of thanks⁣ 
  2. b) wrap with this:

“May all be so blessed.” When you’re blessed, bless.⁣

The Wound-To-Healing Sequence

We will heal the wound of rejection, the habit of repression, shame, guilt, and our separation anxiety and abandonment issues all in cohesion. Forgiving our families is the ultimate in taking responsibility for our own healing and wholeness.

We go into the muck and fertility of our human roots, we face the hardship and blessings of it all. And we find out that the Life Source has been holding and parenting us all along, never to abandon us.

Love it all

The intelligence of Love dissolves eons of dogma that tells us to prove our “worth” and sort who’s superior or inferior.

Spirituality is really the practice of thinking with Love. And we can effectively train ourselves to keep returning to Love via our thoughts over and over again.

Being Loving doesn’t necessarily mean feeling more. It means feeling everything with more Love.

The days of self-centered bucket lists are over.

What if next to photos of dream homes and hot bods on our vision boards, we also glued on images of lush forests and happy neighbours? 

What if… before we set out to get it, we asked this most beautiful question: How will my fulfillment bless (or harm) the collective?

Right here, right now, feet on ground, sent from above.

Remember who you are
when you’re in the kitchen cooking up opinions
When you speak. When you weep.
Before your scroll on the fear…

Keep in mind
That it’s a New Day
And the Heart is the authority here.

How do you move steadily through an epic shift for the human race? How do you do what needs to be done for your Soul’s work? And for the next generation? How do you steer with Love when you’re dealing with polarized personal conflict and a world that looks like it’s out of control?

Focus on what YOU have the immediate power to control:
how you perceive yourself.

In this practice, we’re blessing and offering virtues from our heart center. 

Heart centered offerings come from a place of nonduality and inclusiveness. So we understand that the “other”—people, relationships, places, communities, segments of society—is a reflection of us.

We’re offering our Forgiveness, release, and Compassion.


The How To Be Loving Book

is available in hardcover + digital + audiobook

is available in hardcover + digital + audiobook

A nuanced perspective on the power of self compassion, shadow work, and being more receptive to Higher Guidance. This is a guide on how to use the genius of your heart to create conditions for healing—yourself, and the collective. Designed with reflective practices + inspirational mini posters.

The How to Be Loving Journal

clear your mind and connect with the Divine…

clear your mind and connect with the Divine…

A deep journaling tool for becoming less reactive, more responsive and open to love. This journal is a resilience tool. Sprinkled with reflection prompts, tear out mini-posters + micro teachings guiding you to the portal of your inner knowing.

The How to Be Loving Deck

inspiration for kindness, resilience and all kinds of idealism

Inspiration for kindness, resilience and all kinds of idealism
70 cards of deep teachings and some poignant one-liners: “Embrace your contradictions.” “Use your mind for holy purposes.” “Ask your heart what it wants to tell your mind.” Use as conversation starters, journaling prompts or for tucking into love notes.