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A former boyfriend and I were talking about what it means to really, actively show love to someone. Do you show them love in the way(s) that THEY want/need to be loved? Answer: YES. Do you express love to them in the way(s) that are most natural and self-affirming for YOU? Answer: YES. Both are true (the answer with Love is usually…“both”.)

Find out precisely how your people want to be loved and then…just love them that way. (Take the Love Languages test if you want to dig in to this psychology.) Bend to give the person in your gaze exactly what they need, the way they need it — and guaranteed, you’ll be a better person for that kind of giving. Not less than yourself, not losing your identity. You’ll be a more loving person — more evolved.

AND…don’t contort yourself for anyone because you’re going to bruise your spirit. Over-stretching will break you down eventually — and the relationship. Express your love with what comes most naturally to you — LOVE LIKE YOU WANT TO LOVE. Your style, your voice, your eccentricities. When you’re more you, it’s inevitable that you evolve.

If you can be TOTALLY YOU and love someone in their ideal way to be loved…match made in heaven.