One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is: What am I drawn to?

Plenty of people are inspirationally challenged–not sure of what lights their fire. Others are so selective about what floats their boat that not much new can get past their preferences.

Whether you’re confused or highly particular, curiosity is a form of power. Use it.

What are you attracted to? Make a list.

Here’s mine. I’m attracted to, intrigued by, enamored with…

1. Pure rose oil, that’s so pure it’s peppery.
2. Kids.
3. People who are comfortable in silence.
4. Convents.
5. Old Egypt.
6. Word economy – saying a lot with a little.
7. Inquisitiveness!!!
8. People who are confrontational.
9. Old African men who smile with their eyes.
10. Scars.
11. Innovation.
12. Alleys.
13. Musicians who have never worked a day in their life.
14. Wealthy, self-made entrepreneurs who aren’t excessive.
15. Philanthropists.
16. The seering brilliance and heart of the TED talks.
17. Filthy at the end of the day construction workers.
18. Rothko paintings.
19. Elvis in 1969.
20. The greeny turquoise with brown flecks.
21. Cosmology.
22. Nests.
24. Gold. Can’t get too much gold.
25. Great teeth.
26. Text art.

What’s on your magnetism list?

Now ask yourself what’s so interesting, or soothing, or sexy about the things that you gravitate towards. Go with the first thing that enters your mind, no matter how silly or grandiose it may seem.

I can see a pattern in my attractions: mystery, hard work, glamor, sacred devotion, currency, artistry. Sounds like the essential ingredients to the masterpiece I want to create, or my everyday my ideal life.

Being aware of not only what we are attracted to, but why we’re attracted to it, gives us access to the most tender and creative places within ourselves. If you put your finger on the magnetism, you can attract more of what you want into your life.


With Love,