Believe it to see it.

Manifesting is an art and a science—and you have to leave a lot of room for mystery, while upholding your Faith. No one has THE way. Life is complex. But here’s everything I’ve been given from masterful teachers over the years, and practiced myself with some exquisite results.

The Desire Map Manifesting Practice by Danielle LaPorte

1) COME FROM THE HEART: We intend to create from the heart and soul.

We have a heart-centered vision. This vision arises from deep love of the interconnected self and others—a place of intrinsic fusion with all Life. It’s compassionate, it’s joyful, and it feels connected to everyone else. A heart-centered vision benefits the whole collective.

Heart-centered visions arise from a place of awareness and Light. Ego-centered visions arise from the shadow. Ego-based visions may come from a place of lacking, and having to prove something, which ultimately creates division within ourselves and the people around us. Ego-based dreams are often about needing to achieve something in order to feel “worthy.”

A heart-centered vision is a celebration of our inherent soul nature. It is rooted in higher values—values that help uplift all involved—love, wisdom, abundance, generosity, healing, joy that ripples out. A vision that comes from Love is more deeply nourishing and interdependent.

A heart-centered vision helps merge your inner and your outer world: you’re invoking your Core Desired Feelings (inner) and allowing them to manifest into reality in the outer world.


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” — Hebrews 11

Faith is believing that the Light exists, even when it’s dark. You can’t prove it then and there, but you know in the deepest part of your being of its existence. You have Faith. So with respect to manifesting, we’re fostering the Faith that our desires will be made manifest. Doubt is a choice. Faith is a choice. Choose Faith.

But Faith alone isn’t enough. You have to meet God with some action in this dimension. Another reference from the Bible to make the point, from James 2:14 “What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,’ but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” Back up that Faith with some action. Faith on its own is… useless. Faith requires care and feeding.

Faith is like a blueprint of what you want to build. It’s a track that you lay down in the substratum that the vision will grow through and rise. The “work” involved, the building on that blue print of Faith, is the work of inner and outer devotion. Keep your heart and mind and body clean and clear. Be diligent to stay well and vital. Keep removing the obstacles to Love and let your flow into the world. Purify and give. Purify and give. And repeat—THAT’s the work that brings Faith to life.


Working with visualizations is a metaphysical science and an art. Visualize the fulfillment of your desire—a punctuated moment that says it all. So for example, you want to win a medal, you’re not seeing yourself training to win the race, you’re seeing yourself—and feeling yourself, victorious on the podium. It’s a completion scenario. Think about the best possible outcome of your goals and intentions and deepest desires, and that’s the scene.

  • You’re going to create two or three individual, simple visions—power vignettes. Of course, in each vision you are FEELING your Core Desired Feelings. Basking in them. Embodying them. The feelings are the SPICE, they make a difference. They’re magnetic.

  • Once you decide on the final visual that you want to bring to life, treat it like a “seed” that has to be nurtured daily for its gestation period. Just like a fertilized egg in the womb from inception until it’s ready to be delivered. So once you craft that vision, keep nourishing it daily.

  • If you’re really committed, then 21 minutes of visualization times is megafertilizer. Super devoted? Do this consistently for nine months to a year. Hold the vision in Faith, with your Core Desired Feelings in your heart. The very commitment of that practice is going to pay off in multiple ways.

  • This an important metaphysical side note: don’t keep changing the vision. It’s like changing your dinner order in a restaurant a bunch of times—the confusion means you don’t get a good meal on time. Craft your visualization. Trust it. And work with it.

  • Suggestions on the vision themes (these are only suggestions):
    One scene that encapsulates the greater reality you want. Your ideal life. Your current, deep desire.
    One scene encapsulates your wellness and vitality.
    One scene encapsulates your abundance and/or work in the world.

  • See, sense, hear, smell it: where you are, who you are with, the quality of light and air, the sounds that you hear, your sensory nature is active and alive.

  • FEEL it: As you’re seeing the vision, breathe your Core Desired Feelings through your heart.

  • Add colour: Infuse your Core Desired Feelings with light pink, white light, and translucent golds. Give thanks. Go on to the next vision.

  • After your visualization, release the vision. Send it into the sky, the ethers, pure space, until it fully disappears from your sight. Now let your faith handle it for you. You don’t need to obsess about it all day. You focus on Faith—purifying and giving, and generating your Core Desired Feelings in your daily current reality.

  • Always conclude with thanks. Give thanks to all the Beings, seen and unseen, who are helping you manifest your vision into reality.

(Write this as a simple description of your fulfilled desire moment.)

Want more? There’s a whole Desire Map Course. I partnered with Commune to create some luminous videos + a 116-page workbook of practices for manifesting, reframing your perspective, heart-centering.

All Love,