Meaningfulness. Reveal myself. Be compassionate. Don’t worry about being invited back. Go there. xo

I jotted this down when I began writing my book. I wanted a manifesto and it had to happen quickly because… I had a book to write.


A sure way to keep your ego in check is to intend to be AS USEFUL AS POSSIBLE.  If you’re focused on delivering substance, you’ll dial down the glamour. Your offering will be about the lesson you want to impart, and not as much about making yourself look great. Fluff and filler don’t stand a chance if you’re committed to meaningfulness.

Reveal myself

We know that the best teaching technique is through stories. But opinions aren’t stories. Opinions come from our moral fibre, so it can feel raw to share them. There’s no reveal without risk. And there’s no creativity without being revealing.

Be compassionate

If I ever forget that we’re all in this together, I’m doomed for hypocrisy.

If you can’t deliver your Truth with Love, then you should question why you’re delivering it.

Don’t worry about being invited back

Every time I get on stage I think, Well, don’t worry about being invited back. And I go out and give ‘er. No shrinking. No light under a bushel. If you try to appeal to everyone, you dilute your creativity.

Go there

When you say what we’re all thinking, you set us free.

Liberating the Truth is the highest form of creativity.

All Love,