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Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.” 

The former director of a future studies think tank in Washington, DC, where she managed a team creating global scenarios. She now speaks about the intelligence of the heart. 

Her most recent book, How To Be Loving…when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up, is also an Audiobook + ebook, with a companion deck and journal. Danielle is also the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map, White Hot Truth, and producer of dozens of meditation kits and online programs for spiritual support.

Danielle is the creator of the Heart Centered Membership and the Heart Centered Leadership Program with 400+ leaders in 30 countries hosting conversation circles, retreats, and workshops in all kinds of communities and businesses.

Her podcast, With Love, Danielle, often ranks in iTunes’ top 10 for wellness. Most of her offerings—from the Heart Centered Membership to her online classes—are on a pay what you choose basis. Named one of the Top 100 Websites for Women by Forbes, millions of people a month visit

Marianne Williamson refers to Danielle “as a bright light.” V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) calls her “a force field of energy, wonder, humour, and love.” 

Her charities of choice are Ally Global Foundation, helping survivors of human trafficking to rebuild their lives (@allyglobal), Trees Sisters’ reforestation projects (@treesisters_official), and VDay, a movement to end violence against women and girls (vdayorg). 

She lives in Vancouver, BC. You can find her on most places on social media @daniellelaporte.

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How to Be Loving: The Book

When you turn to the heart, you uncondition your mind of all kinds of social programming. The intelligence of Love dissolves eons of dogma that tells us to prove our “worth” and sort who’s superior or inferior. Being Loving doesn’t necessarily mean feeling more. It means feeling everything with more Love. It’s the ultimate inclusiveness. Because in your heart, it’s ALL IN—your light and your shadows—and everyone else’s. This is the non-dual place where complete Self acceptance has room to grow. 

How To Be Loving is a nuanced perspective on the life changing power of Self Compassion, shadow work, and being more receptive to Higher Guidance. This is a guide on how to use the genius of your heart to create conditions for healing.

How to Be Loving: The Journal

A deep journaling tool for becoming less reactive, more responsive and open to love. This journal is a resilience tool. Yearly vision quests are great, but regular reflection keeps us close to our life force—and to each other. And the more often we reflect on what’s meaningful in our life, the more light we will find to steer by. Every passage in this journal feels like a portal to your inner knowing.

Reflection prompts take the individual on a journey from seeing themselves as “separate” to recognizing that we’re each part of the Divine Plan. The experience is punctuated by micro teachings on the virtues of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Forgiving, Wisdom, and Radiance.

Tear out mini-posters are a beautiful feature. This book companion helps us train to keep responding from the heart.

How to Be Loving: The Deck

Inspiration for kindness, resilience and all kinds of idealism—to prompt conversations and reflection on the intelligence of the heart. A companion deck for the How to Be Loving Book + Journal. 

This collection is substance with a side of playful. Some cards are short paragraphs of deep teachings. Others are poignant one-liners that people will be posting everywhere. 

There are beautiful questions that can be used as conversation starters or journaling prompts. These nourishing words and sweet inquiries are antidotes to the fear-based, limiting scripts we’ve had on repeat for years. As daily writing motivation, oracle cards, date night cue cards, or on-the-spot inspiration, the How To Be Loving Deck is for deep thinkers and for people just stepping on the path to healing—themselves and our world.

The Desire Map

Desire Map is my love child. It poured out from my heart in response to seeing so many people running themselves into the ground for ambition (I was one of them.) Soulless goals make for a lot of… burn out. The question is this: How do you want to feel? Nobody ever asked me that in school. Or my jobs. Or most of my relationships.

The Desire Map book has sold over 200,000 copies in English, and is translated into ten languages. We have 500+ Desire Map Workshop Facilitators and every week somewhere in the world, a Desire Map workshop happens.

White Hot Truth

Unfiltered and hard won wisdom… at least I think it’s wisdom… from my own self-help antics and victories. I hope White Hot Truth feels like a relief to people who take it in—comfort from knowing that even when you get off track, you’re still where you need to be. Knowing that you’re not a New Age loser because you gave your power away on the “spiritual path”—but that it’s all a power initiation and how we deepen our devotion to meaningful living.

I want this book to help you create deeper compassion for yourself, so that you can care more deeply for other people. Self love and then, selfless loving for the world. Radical discernment and real open heartedness.

The Fire Starter Sessions

This book is an homage to my favourite failures and feats, and my willingness to willfully will things into being. People ask me for business advice a lot. Especially the start up, creative, blood n’ sweat kind of advice. Read The Fire Starter Sessions.

The Heart Centered Leadership Program

The Heart Centered Leadership Program is a licensing program for leaders who want to bring heart centered development work to their clients and organizations, businesses and communities. You can use this content in many ways, for many people. One-on-one, in workshops, as a complement to your current offerings, or as a follow-along program. In the workplace, for wellness retreats, with students. Charge your corporate rates, or do “pay what you choose” for the world. Or offer it free, in service to your community.

The 30+ exercises are built on the guiding premise that a heart centered life is a reflective life. When we live more reflectively, we behave less reactively and we’re receptive and responsive to higher wisdom.

Heart Centered Membership

Heart Centered Membership program is an ongoing program to support people in their spiritual practices. Each month focuses on a theme that’s chosen about six weeks in advance so we’re on the pulse of change. Here’s a few we’ve covered: Worth. Integrity. For giving. Openness. Acceptance. Leadership. Radiance.

We offer a mix n’ match of spiritual practices for self + collective healing: meditations, a mantra, rituals and deep journaling and New + Full Moon practices; as well as 24 videos meets a year with Danielle and 24 live meditation classes. There is a pay what you choose option and everyone is welcome.

Meditation Kits

Tools for mining the light within: visualizations, guided reflections, meditations, journalling, prayers. All of our mediation kits are vivid visualizations. Working with an energy healer who draws on a variety of spiritual traditions, we layer in English mantras and ancient prayers.

All available on audio, in various lengths, and in print, with visual mood boards, these practices help bring healing to our nervous system—feeding our energy bodies nutrients for equilibrium.

Endorsements + kind words

Danielle LaPorte is a bright light in the modern priestesshood. She keeps it spiritual, she keeps it real, she keeps it good.

Marianne Williamson, NY Times bestselling author of A Return to Love

Danielle is a force field of energy, wonder, humor, and love.

V (formerly Eve Ensler), author of The Vagina Monologues and In the Body of the World

A beacon of compassion, Danielle is an extraordinary human. A woman devoted to helping people transcend their limitations, and access their potential, and truly self actualize. Honest, accessible and authentic to the core.

Rich Roll, Host of Rich Roll podcast, vegan activist and athlete

How transformation happens, with Rev. Michael Beckwith

When I think of Danielle LaPorte, what comes to heart and mind is a woman who practices what she teaches. She radiates authenticity, compassion, deep caring, intelligence, and a true desire for others to transform their lives into their greater yet to be. She’s the Real Deal!

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center

How transformation happens, with Rev. Michael Beckwith

Danielle is . . . a woman who’s made a tremendous impact on my life with her brave and badass approach to living a heart centered life.

LeAnn Rimes, singer/songwriter, host of the Wholly Human Podcast

john wineland

Danielle is the living embodiment of heart centered leadership. Her approach to her life and her offerings ooze love and generosity and show us how we can live and give full out.

John Wineland, founder of The New Men’s Work Project, author of From the Core

john wineland

Danielle is a real-deal, no BS teacher with an incredible depth of wisdom. She’s built a timeless library of content. Her content is unique and highly relevant, and her style of delivery makes it so lovely to consume. Danielle leads with both her heart and super intelligent mind. Her words are medicine, her body of work is life-changing.

Christine Hassler, Master Life Coach, author of Expectation Hangover

john wineland

Danielle’s voice is medicine for self-help fatigue and ambition overdrive. Her deep clarity and realness are a healing combination—and it’s right on time for our culture.

Dr. Mark Hyman, 10-time NY Times bestselling author

john wineland

…she’s equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass…edgy, contrarian…loving and inspired.

Entrepreneur Magazine

john wineland

The who’s who from women’s empowerment…LaPorte… successfully leads the readers on a quest to achieve, while at the same time taking into consideration the emotional roller coaster of life.

Marie Claire Magazine

john wineland

Danielle LaPorte never disappoints as this generation’s go-to truth-teller and visionary, always leading by being ahead of the curve. She intuits what is needed and provides it at the exact right moment.

Terri Cole, psychotherapist, author of Boundary Boss

Nobody puts out poetic motivation like Danielle does.

Gabrielle Bernstein, NYT bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back

She’s part psychic, part dream whisperer, and all fire starter.

Kris Carr, NYT bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Cancer

A Goddess…is an inspiring author, speaker and entrepreneur who mixes self development with spirituality in a way that shines with passion.

Lewis Howes, host of The School of Greatness Podcast

Danielle LaPorte has the knowledge you need to succeed. What she has to say is what our spirits need to hear.

Martha Beck, NYT bestselling author

Searing grace! When Danielle LaPorte writes, there is nowhere to hide.

Jonathan Fields, author of How to Live a Good Life

Danielle is a rare gift to both the page and to the stage. Funny and poetic, inspirational and down-to-earth, she has the unique ability to make everyone in the room feel the same — whether they’re laughing or crying. She has crushed every Wanderlust event — not only in my opinion — but in every survey we’ve ever sent. We’re so lucky to have in our universe.

Jeff Krasno, Founder, Wanderlust

Danielle, who credits green juice to fueling her digital empire, was a director for a think tank on future studies prior to founding her wildly popular website. She also explored the fundamentals of Buddhist meditation. “I’m as stoked about pop culture as eastern mysticism,” Danielle says. “I’ve had conversations with thousands of women about what ‘success’ really means, and I’ve concluded that the best self-help is self compassion. And, true self love includes serving the world around you.”

Danielle believes that our relationship to ambition is inside out, which is why she wrote: The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul. The book turned into an international facilitator’s program. She also wrote the book, The Fire Starter Sessions, to shake up notions of success.

Danielle, who is “often mistaken as an extrovert,” lives in Vancouver with her favourite person, her 12-year-old son. Her charity of choice is Eve Ensler’s V-Day, a movement to end violence against women and girls, because she believes that empowered women heal everything around them.

Oprah’s SuperSoul 100

Danielle’s passion leaps off the page, and reading a few chapters of this book will ignite you into action.

Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

As you already know.. Danielle LaPorte & Marie Forleo are the Bomb~Frickin’~Diggity! So when I heard that Danielle was offering a B-School goodie bag overflowing with her most delicious soul inspiring programs (in print, audio, visual formats…you know how she do!!) I jumped at the chance to UP my entrepreneurial game by joining B-School and get my desire fire ignited all in one fell swoop! Here’s the thing, life is short and the time is now…taking this action last year has forever changed my life. Giving thanks!

Laura Aiisha Haykel

Q&A with Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte isn’t shy about calling out the distractions and even the destructiveness that can creep into our spiritual pursuits. Anticipation is high for “White Hot Truth”—LaPorte’s latest book—and 24Life asked for a glimpse into the daily life of a philosopher. Here’s what she shared with us.

Read the full article HERE.

There’s no better way to go into B-School than with FIRE and DESIRE. Danielle’s bonus materials blew me away and really cranked up the excitement and energy for me. When combined with B-School, it all cemented a major transformation in my Business AND Life.

Jaena Moynihan, B-School Alumni

I invested in B-School because I wanted to learn from someone who was already making money online and really knew what they were talking about. Thanks to Marie and B-School, I realized that with just a few tools, the crazy ideas in my head were actually easy to create. Implementing just a few key strategies helped me generate money instantly.And the community of B-Schoolers was another huge benefit. Connecting with like-minded women who were so driven and actually understood online marketing – we spoke the same language! – was so encouraging. Priceless. If you’re thinking about it, DO it. You will earn back your B-School investment ten-fold.

Susana Frioni,

Why We Are All Effed up About Self-Love

On your journey to self-discovery and self-love, you may find yourself losing your way. That is why international speaker Danielle LaPorte set out to illuminate common traps on the pathway to discovering your own inner power. In her latest bestselling book, LaPorte tells us why she wants us to question our self-help practice and understand our own motives behind it.

Read the full article HERE.

Danielle’s work is jam-packed with keen insights and a force of energy that pushes you in invaluable ways. The content is practical and ignites the mind in ways that could change your career and life.

Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen

In a world filled with books, blogs, and magazine articles wanting to give us directions with how-to this and seven steps to that, Danielle gives us a map. A map is a full, whole lay of the land. It highlights the landscape. You can see the many ways to navigate, you can always find your bearings, you can choose a different path to the same destination. You can walk across the countryside and aren’t limited to the roads. And desire, in case you didn’t know, means “from the stars”- also a great navigation tool for humans throughout history.

With the stars and a map as your companions,will help you find your way home to yourself, to re-ignite the desire spark you were born with and hear the cry of your soul.

Lianne Raymond,

As I started reading the preview copy (of The Desire Map), tears began to well up in my eyes. Danielle said:

“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.”

Those words moved me, because I finally understood why I’d been feeling so confused. While I’d achieved the goals I’d set for the first six months of my business, I didn’t feel completely fulfilled by that success.

What if I were to use my feelings as the barometer for my success? Unfortunately, the way I’d been feeling the past few weeks definitely did not match up with what I really wanted.

I’d been bogged down in the day-to-day tasks of running a business. Like the typical busy entrepreneur, I had a never-ending to-do list. In the process, I’d been neglecting the projects I was yearning to create — ones that would energize me, challenge me, and contribute to my growth.

Now that I’m clear about where I want to go, I’m feeling both relieved and excited. I’m excited to start using my core desires as my compass to set my goals and decide what I say yes to — in both my personal and professional life.

Selena Soo, Founder, S2 Groupe | marketing and business strategist

Self-help meets marketing ninja.


Inspiration, innovation, and self-worth are just some of elements that Danielle LaPorte will fill you up with … guaranteed to wow you.

Danielle is our OM girl! Her highly entertaining and engaging talk was a huge hit with our Yoga
Journal audience. Danielle and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with from their pre-
event support all the way through to the end of the night. Our team was highly impressed with
Danielle’s personal attention to the attendees during the book signing that followed her event.
Everyone left the event on cloud nine!

Yoga Journal Renee LaRose, Yoga Journal LIVE!

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