Hello hearts,

Ever wonder why Mondays can feel frantic but on Saturdays you turbo through your errands list?

Did you know that the best day of the week to take relationships to the next level could be Fridays? And a meditation practice on Sundays may get an extra energy boost?

Every day of the week is ruled by a planetary energy. Each day has its own vibration. When we get in sync with that energy, we experience less grind and more grace. 

Team D has been working with an energy healer for 7+ years. V.S. is a beloved friend of mine, and a co-creator of all meditations, and metaphysical teachings in our Heart Centered Membership. Here’s what I’ve learned from her about the metaphysical meaning of the days of the week… (forward this to a friend)

Sunday is…
Ruled by the Sun, Solar Nature, Soul, Christ consciousness. It brings in the energy of all inclusiveness––Divine Love.

Monday is…
Ruled by the Moon, lunar force. This means that shadow energies (the unconscious) abound. It can be highly emotional, watery-feeling for some people.

Tuesday is…
Ruled by Mars energies. Mars energy tends to be aggressive, combative, and confrontational. It’s best not to launch projects or new ideas today.

Wednesday is…
Ruled by Mercury. This energy is ideal for more spacious communication of ideas, ideals, thoughts and experiences. There’s more fluidity in how things can be disseminated.

Thursday is…
Ruled by Jupiter. This is considered to be a day of abundance, luck, determination, vastness, expansiveness, selflessness. 

Friday is…
Ruled by Venus. This is a Higher consciousness energy, it helps us embrace all polarities in the heart. Creativity abounds. Very transpersonal and selfless. Create! Connect!

Saturday is…
Ruled by Saturn, the teacher that teaches us lessons through what’s ‘perceived’ as painful, rigidity/structure, karma. Best not to launch projects or new ideas on Saturdays. Close the week applying forgiveness to yourself and others and to all aspects of life (this helps to lessen karma). 


Sundays are for… restoration + preparation.
Sundays are the true “first day” of the week. Can you feel it? This is my favorite day for deeper connection to The Divine. I write out a long list of gratitudes, I will often refresh my altar on Sundays, read some sacred text. There’s often meal prep and playlist sprucing. 

Instead of Sunday night anxiety, what I see on our team is a palpable Sunday Night Enthusiasm. It’s all optional, but each of us tends to pop in to our systems later on on Sunday to prep and spruce for the week. And if we don’t… we don’t.

Mondays are for… team meetings––everyone present.
Getting our ducks in a row. We focus on personal and professional wins to open meetings and go through our project grid. No launching or outward facing events. For me personally, no interviews or filming. 

Coming soon: we’ll be sending out short audio inspirations on Monday-Wednesday-Saturdays. 

Tuesdays are for… project-specific meetings and getting a lot done.
While Team D is busy in execution and creation, I start to go into my creative zone. If there’s extra creative jamming to do, I try to get it done Tuesdays before noon so I can shift into making, making, making for the rest of the week. Tuesdays are when Emma, our Business + Creative Director, gets more planning work done.

Wednesdays are for… wisdom broadcasting!
If you first read this post in your inbox, chances are it was on a Wednesday – the day I post fresh writing on my site and socials. Click here to stay in the know.

Wednesdays are also the day we launch new courses and spiritual practices. We used to launch on Tuesdays but I never liked that. It meant that Monday felt like more of a scramble. Wednesdays feel spacious and prominent.

Thursdays are for… expanding, teaching, and reaching out!
We publish my podcast, WITH LOVE, DANIELLE on Thursdays. (I’ll be launching dozens of new episodes soon!)

Two Thursdays a month I offer Heart Centered Classes––for members or as drop-in classes. We go deep and keep it practical on Forgiving, relationship dynamics, metaphysics of manifestation, and all things healing.

Fridays are for… deeper ideation + personal connection
We keep Fridays Flexi. Team policy: no scheduled meetings, but be reachable. I tend to get breakthrough ideas and bigger visions on Fridays. Extra inspiration!

Personally, it’s my favorite date night and the day that my man and I have our check-ins (calendar scrum and planning together). And I naturally get in touch with friends on Fridays.

I’m about to launch “Sacred Weekends”––a free email sent every Friday to set you up with fun lifestyle tips, and a simple spiritual practice. SIGN UP FOR SACRED WEEKENDS HERE!

Saturdays are for… unplugging and extra living. 

Follow your heart seven days of the week,