Fire Starter,

Are you holding on to past failures, mistakes, tanks? Time to spring clean them out of your system, so you can move forward.

To help us all say, “Thank you, next” to those cringeworthy fails, behold…

The Purge the Past Exercise. Pull out your journal or print this email, and answer away.

1. List your three favourite screwups.
By “favourite,” I mean the doozies. Fiascos so mortifying that you just gotta love ‘em. Can’t come around to reliving your F-ups quite yet? Then just pick the first screw-ups that come to mind.

2. What did you learn?
Cynicism won’t get you very far here. Truthfully and philosophically ask yourself what you learned. What were your eyes opened to? How were you made stronger by the experience?

3. Can you see a pattern in the lessons you learned?
Annoyingly, this is also referred to as “repeating lessons.” Humans can’t seem to avoid making the same mistakes more than once. Bless us.

4. How has what you learned changed the way you approach things?
It’s only a lesson if it shifted your perspective or the way that you behave.

5. Things you can do when you’re done with this purge worksheet…

  • Write HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! in big letters across your page.

  • Give thanks for the lessons… then tear it up into teeny tiny pieces.

  • Mail it to yourself with a love letter extolling all of your many virtues.

  • Start a fire with it!

To all the spectacular blunders that made us better, stronger, more conscious; paid some karma; gave us much to be grateful for and something to laugh about… buh-bye. And thanks.

With all my Love (and no regrets),