We work so courageously to hear and heed our intuition, and yet sometimes we lie about following it. We make up “reasons” for our choice that sound more logical and acceptable. A hunch can be hard to justify to others when the hunch is telling you to choose something other than them.

A SHORT STORY ON FULL HUNCH DISCLOSURE I had to choose between two service providers who bid on doing some personal work for me. They were both equally qualified. They both had a lot of pro’s and only a few con’s. And they were both enthusiastic — which, after talent and skill is the most important quality in a collaborator for me.

It was coming up even. Flipping a coin would be too glib. So I pulled a tarot card — because, you know, THAT’S REALLY reliable. But that only confused me more. It was 11:30pm, and I needed to make the call. And then I thought to myself, “For the love, Danielle. You have the tools to make this decision.” So I did what I do when I remember to do it:

I closed my eyes and said, “Show me Person A.” Person A appeared to me smiling, with a streak of a rainbow running through her. The image was positive, all the way. Next… “Show me Person B.” Person B showed up as an image of a Jack-In-The-Box. Not ominous, just didn’t feel “long term” to me. Rainbow Person A was the clear choice. I really don’t like rejecting people. I like the Hippocratic oath when possible, “Do no harm.” But here we were.

Dear Jack,

Thank you SO much for all of your answers and fast service — so good. After reviewing all of the data from you and the other options that I’ve been considering, I simply had to leave it up to inner guidance.

After logic… meditate.

The data is about the same but I’ve got to go with a hunch, and I’ve decided that I’m going to work with another provider. Again, very big appreciation for your hustle and class.

Blessings, Danielle

Jack responded immediately, with some confusion and curiosity. “If it’s all the same, then why go elsewhere? Did I do something wrong? What was your hunch?”

All I had was the truth, and Person B deserved it:


You did nothing wrong. At all. Whatsoever. You’re A+. Totally. I would give you feedback if it was otherwise.

It just got down to an intuition, it’s not a logic-based decision at all. Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and ask for guidance and follow what you hear.

That’s how I roll. Takes a lot of trust but it serves me well.

Truly, D

Jack came back. Now, keep in mind this is a major business transaction being done with a conservative institution.

Thank you, Danielle.

I know what you mean, and thank you. I do the same when I too need guidance. Our spiritual selves are sometimes smarter and have a clearer vision.

If your guidance leads you on a different path, please let me know if I can be of assistance.

All the best, Jack …I still want your business 😉

Maybe Jack got all warm because he’s just building bridges. Smart. But I’m not that cynical. When I ran into Jack the next day in my ‘hood, we had a good huddle. We had made some grace happen.

Intuition and truth-telling are great business partners.