Me & my Mommabelle (her name is Annabelle, so… Mommabelle). I’m only 12 years old in this polaroid, but I look 40, right? It’s thanks to my rad’ rust-tinted eyeglasses. Which brings me to one of the reasons I especially love my mom — she always lets me make my own decisions.

Mother’s Day. You’ve got big Love for the woman who got you on the planet and…a bouquet of flowers? No, no. Even if you’ve had years of therapy because of your madre, let’s think about upping the gift-giving ritual this Mother’s Day. Enter: easy breezy digital gift certificates so she can light up her life.

Nix the lines, forget about yet another piece of jewelry, and leave the (beautiful — but short-lived) lilies in their buckets. Give the gift of experience. Of creation, and discovery, and joy. (In just a few clicks, even better.)

“A gift card for her desires. YOU CAN PURCHASE HERE.”

Visit the gift card page here, select the amount you’d like to gift — $25, $50, $100, or $200. Fill out the gift card form (including $ amount, recipient name & email, and heart-felt message), and check out. We’ll make sure the gift card lands in her hands successfully. So easy.

Note: Want to present it to her yourself on Mother’s Day? Put in your email address where we ask for the recipient’s. You can either forward it to her on the day, or print and give her the details in person.



Transition times, longing for more vitality, feeling stuck — The Desire Map will light the way.




Or, maybe she wants to turn her career up a notch and fan her creative flames: The Fire Starter Sessions — yah, mama!



And we’ve got plenty more than books — audios, journals, workbooks. Gift cards can be used for any Danielle product.