Shitty. Amazing. Resilient. Action. 17 Things I did to Make the Most of This Year.

Banished my iPhone from my bedroom. Took me about three weeks to seal the habit. Result: I no longer feel doomsday urgency, immediate crazy fucking pressure to save the entire planet by 7:30am. Ya know?

I know the colour of your eyes (A poem for loving your life while you’re aware of eternity.)

I know this lifetime is only a wooden structure
— struts and beams of longing and achieving.
I know beyond samsara and economics
there are colours I have never seen…

Right now The Desire Map is FREE for you + your FRIENDS. Because…this is what I have to give.

I had no idea that 10 years ago, when I casually wrote some “feeling words” next to my goals, it would turn into what it has: Desire Mapping for…a lot of people.

Our 4-day work week. Don’t be jealous. Just do it.

I want to start a revolution: The 4-day work week. Too many of us are overworked with undernourished spirits. Burnout has become a badge of honour. It’s just…gross. I can’t put it more poetically than that.

On giving feedback (don’t) and a somewhat shamanic approach to business.

This magic question: What are you working on and how can I help? And why you should never give feedback. Hey, Fire Starter People! is simple and lite, intended to help you shine at doing good work. Subscribe here for bi-monthly emails.

I invite you to meet the The Creation Space Meditation Kit. It’s a mosaic of practices.

When someone asks me how I stay creative or healthy I say: I meditate. What’s the best way to get unstuck in your life? Meditate. Best piece of advice for someone just getting started in their career?…yup…Meditate.

2018 Desire Map Workshops (virtual+in-person) Vancouver! Boise! Costa Rica! South of France!

Desire Map Workshops are one part personal transformation + one part sacred circle. These gatherings attract mystics, moms, and some moguls — anyone ready to make their feelings the heart of the matter and root their ambition into their Soul. Find ALL Desire Map offerings here.

The Desire Map Instagram is here!

Because FEELINGS. I promise not to be boring or use the word “literally”. Follow @desiremap