Introducing The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit (+ a LIVE class with me).

Fellow Light Makers…in the last few years I figured out that a clear indicator of spiritual maturity is…softness. The proof is in the tenderness.

Can you love the problems that come with your good choices? (Because there will always be problems.)

I’m in the middle of a grinding conversation with publishing collaborators: “If we do A, then B happens, so what if we do X instead?” Brows are furrowed. We’re workin’ this problem like a piece of gum. Silent pauses. We’re thinking…thinking. Arguing our points. It’s tense and kind of wonderful.

Come on, get app-y. Team D’s favourite apps for work & play.

Team D rocks, our creativity and productivity flow has got to be A+ to back up our dreams. Here’s a roundup of our favourite apps for work and play.

Addicted to productivity, and the courageous act of…stillness.

Our society is addicted to productivity.
We think productivity increases our value as a human.
And we want to be valued and loved.
So…we become addicted to productivity.

An open letter to my peoples: How can I help?

Dear Tribe,
I know you relate…
Work-life balance is a LIE. But I want it anyway.
I believe the esoteric good stuff, I’m all in.
I’m in real pain about the state of the world. I want to help. Not sure how.

[Digital Gift] An Invocation to use for calling on Higher support…

To “invoke” is to call on Higher Beings for support. I ask for their help in bringing me to balance anytime I’m working on personal transformation. So that I can stay centered, as I go deep.