Recommitting to sisterly love. (Because women wounding other women won’t get us where we need to go.)

We’re all looking for places to put our pain. I mean, where are you going to put your societally-induced agony? Who can you take THAT out on? You can’t march everyday or sit with your support group.

Resources for emotional trauma support for you and people you love.

A beloved member of our team was at the concert in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, at which a mass shooting claimed the lives of 59 people (including the terrorist shooter), and wounded nearly 500 others. Vic was not wounded by the bullets. She is resilient and brave-hearted, and it’s an honour to rally for her emotional healing.

Rally people around your paradigm.

Team D is an ethnically diverse crew. We are: from Ukraine; raised and living in the Philippines; Mexican American; from Lebanon, living in Paris; from Paris, living in Vancouver; pure Aussie; and there are a handful of us that are Canadian mutts (said with honour and affection).

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The Daily Ritual Worksheet to keep your Core Desired Feelings close to your heart. Every day.

The Daily Ritual Worksheet is a printable planner companion to sync your to-do list with your Core Desired Feelings. Because intention guides everything.

[QUIZ] What’s your planner personality? A quicky quiz for you.

People who are “into” their Day Planners are like, INTO their Day Planners. We’re nuts. So it stands to reason that CHOOSING the perfect planner activates our compulsiveness. I know you know.


[Week 1] RETROSPECTION: Your first Q&A of FREE & CLEAR!

It’s amazing how easy it is to relinquish control of how we manage our time. It’s a deep issue. But we’re going to start with looking back at the last few months or year of your life. First, retrospection, to clear space to move forward.

[Week 2] Examining our expectations and what it means to deeply let go.

Sometimes the letting-go process feels really sexy and empowering. Burn it! Nix it! Bye! And sometimes, we want to hold on (grip, cuddle, cling) to things. What if I need it? If I polish it up, then can I keep it? But I worked so hard on this…

[Week 3] What needs to change? (And how to look at what sucks in your life without criticizing yourself.)

This week’s Free and Clear exercise could be a bit of a downer, especially on top of all of the tragic things happening on the planet. But we need to see the muck we’re in so we can resolve to find a way out of it. Or through it.

[Week 4] Stop Doing. (AKA Detangling, Liberating, and Facing Some Gnarly Terror.) Your next FREE & CLEAR exercise is here.

In terms of being successful (meaning YOUR definition of personal “success”), what you stop doing is just as important as what you start doing. Full stop. I know this to be true in my own life, over and over again.

[Week 5] CONSCIOUS gratitude (as in SMART gratitude. Rather than the spiritual bypassing kind of gratitude that can actually screw you up).

As with all “inner world” practices, we need to apply some intelligence to this. Because sometimes, that How-to or 7-Steps or “I’m so thankful” process, can create even more illusions and stuckness.