Dear Heart,

Some Heart Centered members have been working with these devotional practices for a few months now. Our collective practice has settled into a trustable rhythm. There’s room for all of you to be carried on the momentum.

5 Heart Centered benefits our members themselves have identified… 

Deep healing
In Heart Centered, we do regular inquiry into our Light and our Shadow selves. This is the work of deep healing. It changes everything. This deepening self awareness builds self trust—and your decision-making becomes less fraught with doubt, more courageous and clear. We’ll formalize an appreciation practice to help you reference your joy—even during struggle. As one of our current members put it, “My way of being is changing.”

Connection with the Higher
You’re going to create new habits around seeking guidance, so that you refer to your Soul for direction instead of outside sources or neurosis. When we deepen our devotion to Higher Love (and our Higher Selves), we become more loving, more steady, more graceful, more trusting. And we’re simplifying in surprising ways. Like this member: “I’ve cancelled my Netflix to keep Heart Centered. This is a good thing.”

More reflections from current members:
“My practice has imbued my everyday life with the Sacred.”
“I don’t feel alone [anymore].”
“I’m more in tune with my life, my body, my spirit.”

Flourishing in a sacred container
Every month, we focus on one virtue—each of the chosen practices for the month supporting that focus. I email you every Sunday with a flow for the week. You’ll feel held by the rhythm and consistency… and find that discipline can be wildly liberating. From a Heart Centered member: “This discipline is opening my heart in new ways.”

A program fits into your busy life… and infuses it with grace.
A lot of people count on me. And there’s a lot I want to make, and give, and learn. And I crave depth and stillness… nourishment. I know you feel that tension, too. So I designed Heart Centered for potency. Uncomplicated practices that WORK. How one of our members describes it: “I love how light it is, and also how very deep. There is no pressure to finish it all, but I can’t wait to get in there and work on it all anyway.”

The intentional community
We gather twice a month for a members-only Heart to Heart Q+A over Zoom. I answer your tender, personal, deep questions about relationships, philosophy, pain (and healing), leadership, getting unstuck… anything. We laugh. We pray for each other and the world. We witness.

“Thank you so much for the deep questions from our community, and Danielle for the truly heartfelt responses—such wisdom in all.” – A Heart Centered member

In July, our Heart Centered focus is on LEADERSHIP. The metaphor we’re working with: “Lead like the sun.” As in: radiant, inclusive, discerning and guided by virtues of the soul. You’re going to better know what you stand for and how to show up with conviction.

If you resonate, please join. The world needs heart centered leadership more than ever.

Note for Desire Map Facilitators:
All Facilitators get access to Heart Centered for just $25 USD/month (55% off the regular price.) Just email us at, and mention your Facilitator status to get in.