Mel Wells has been described as “giving a voice to the silent struggle millions of women know so well”. She’s trained in holistic sex, love and relationships, eating psychology, and holistic health. Mel is a beauty in every way and I love how she loves and leads.

Tune into this rich conversation from Mel’s podcast Love, Sex, + Magic, we’re giving pointers to navigate awakening:

  • Spiritual bypassing, what it means and how to know if we’re doing it. 
  • Unpacking the ego (and how the hardest experiences I’ve been through reminded me how strong my heart is).
  • How shaking up your identity structure is the access point to your Radiance.
  • Why you should interrupt a lifetime of resisting your dark stuff? (HINT: all of your power is in the dark stuff.)
  • What the Inner Child really is. (It’s not your 8 year old little self…)
  • And navigating what it means to be awake, as opposed to you know, woke. 

Finally, Mel asks me these 3 questions and they are a sweet finale:

  1. What is something that you Love right now? 
  2. What is something that turns you on
  3. And when was the last time you experienced magic?

When women gather… ohhhh baby, we rise. My friends, here’s Mel… and me, on With Love, Danielle + Friends.

Yours in Love,