Rage is part of the human experience. And like all of our light and shadows aspects, it deserves to be honoured. And If we look at it with compassion, it won’t blind us. The danger of unexamined rage is that it can take the lead, and fast. And letting rage get behind the wheel is a sure way to crash our nervous systems and possibly harm others en route.

I feel a fiery anger about a lot of world happenings. But I don’t scream like I used to. I don’t pound pillows. And it’s been a long time since I lashed out at anyone. I’m not pious, I get pissed off regularly, and I have to keep my disappointment in other humans in check. But the raging out loud never reeeally worked for me, even though I thought it did. In fact, I can see now that it was actually harmful and delayed my healing and empowerment.

Here’s a “concentric circles of concern” approach to feeling enraged. And it begins with stillness, self referencing, and then fans out into more loving awareness. These days, this approach might be worth a try.

Please take care of your beautiful (and angry) self more than ever.

Always with Love,