There’s so much that we want good n’ GONE. But here’s the thing: nothing is leaving your life or your thought patterns until you give it the light of your consciousness—your love. You’re not condoning more pain or poor behavior, but you’re moving into a greater presence with it. And so the grip starts to relax, and both you AND the dynamic (or person or circumstance) can truly peace out.

Everything that you create—relationship dynamics, fear and obsessions, body pain—wants to get your attention and eventually come into balance. Think of it this way: our thoughts and life situations are like our little baby creations. Fear babies. Gloom babies. Shadow babies. (And all the positive creations like brilliance and resilience…) All of those babies just need a minute of calm, heart centered feedback. And then they evolve. Less trying to “cut cords” and push away, and more… presence. 

In this episode of With Love, Danielle, I’m talking about pivoting toward the heart, letting go of pain and getting free… for real.

Always with Love,