An 8-week guided program 
… with one year of support to last a lifetime
from Danielle LaPorte + V.S.

This is a body, mind and heart
approach to resilience.

I am so excited to be part of this journey for the next 8 weeks. My nervous system, body, and all my relationships thank you for your guidance already 💗 – April

Beautiful beginning! Thank you for this thorough and gorgeous offering Danielle and Team D. I took the time this morning to indulge and am thrilled to be here with you on this Nourishing journey. xo – Skye

Oh my gosh… I nearly cried when I opened Danielle’s latest offering. Everything she offers is soul food and offered with such love and intention. Oodles of gratitude. – Danielle

The last few years have been… rocky…

Our nervous systems are stretched beyond. We’re living in wild times, normalizing abnormal conditions, and longing for normalcy––that’s stressful.

So many of us are wrestling with: Waves of anxiety or panic attacks. Brain fog and fatigue. Poor sleep. Wobbly worthiness issues. Vanishing motivation. Drama and disconnection in typically healthy relationships. Malaise. Despair. Anyone?

These are symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system. Ongoing stress and unresolved trauma puts the physical body in perpetual survival mode. If anything’s become clear as of late, it’s that we need to commit to our wellbeing––for real. A wellbeing plan is not an “extra” like vacations and smoothie boosters––it’s essential to our sanity and evolution.

Nervous system regulation should be your #1 priority. Full stop. Whether your life is all together or completely falling apart, a balanced nervous system gives us the resources to meet the physical, psychological and world-scale challenges.

We’ve been leaving parts of ourselves out of our healing.

It’s so great to see the growing awareness of nervous system regulation, but…and…

The common approach to nervous system regulations isn’t serving us:

  • It looks through a narrow lens—supplements, sleep hygiene, cold plunges (all of which have merit, but that’s just part of the equation)
  • It rarely makes the connection to healing our relationships… How we can dispell disconnection and drama through deeper self care.
  • Protocols can be overwhelming and often attempt to be one-size-fits-all.
  • And the common approach doesn’t incorporate higher consciousnessHow a healthy nervous system is built on heart centered living.

THE NOURISH SYSTEM fills the void… it integrates ALL aspects of us—body, mind, and relationships––with spiritual perspective, on top of a simple, flexible structure.

My Nourish System Program has landed in my email. I have just begun the program and am in love with the materials. Blessings.
– Sandy

So much good info. It took me forever to invest in myself. Big silly. Training/membership with Danielle was the best thing I ever bought myself. Follow your heart.
– Meg

I love creating systems that move people forward. And simplicity is my love language.

I’m setting you up with a customizable Nourish System program. Your OWN Nourish System.

This is where your self care actually gets on your agenda. Organized daily and monthly touch points (you set your own pace). 

An assembly of somatic, psychological, relational, spiritual, dietary, and lifestyle design tools… Merging spirituality and science, using tried and true wisdom practices and protocols from the functional medicine field…

Holistic. Simplified.

8 modules delivered over 8 weeks. At the end of that time you’ll have some powerful new habits: checking in with your Body, Mind and Heart (and relationships) on the regular.

And! I’ll check in with you every month for a year with encouragement to keep maximizing your wellness, your resilience and your Soul connection.

Make progress with simple tools—like 30 second habits and weekly rituals, to get back to calm when a challenge comes.

The Journey

1 new module each week for 8 weeks delivered in audio, video, written format with worksheets and practices for your mind, body, and heart. A whole systems approach to healing made easy.

Module 1:
The Pre-Care

Our ethos + structure for healing––from beliefs to checklists 

Module 2:
The Knowledge

The book’ish basics on your nervous system and stress states

Module 3:
From Wigging Out to Wisdom

Identifying how you can shift out of reactivity to presence and true power

Module 4:
The Healing

Behind the scenes of your body + mind: an overtly spiritual perspective on nervous system regulation

Module 5:
Regulate to Relate

Upleveling all of our relationships through inner balance

Module 6:
Grace Your Space

How to interact with your living and work spaces + material things to support your nervous system

Module 7:
Feeding + Freeing Your Body

Nutrition and movement that honors what you need, when you really need it

Module 8:
Livelihood + Steadying On

Deeper care when you’re in the wild world

The Nourish System supports your wholeness:


Includes 90-days FREE in the Heart Centered Membership
(community, live calls, bonus resources)


The same 8-week program and year of support, minus the live calls, community, and bonuses

This inclusive curriculum:

  • Weekly instructional videos, audios, and PDF’s from Danielle
  • Fillable daily, weekly, and monthly planning documents to create YOUR unique nourish system
  • Sacred Word sets to support your healing
  • Healing practices checklists
  • A selection of Danielle’s most powerful meditations and practices, including The Rainbow Heart Practice, new breathwork practices, and somatic exercises for regulating and healing

In addition to receiving the full program, audios, workbooks, and year of support emails our Get Nourished Bundle includes a 3 month membership into Danielle’s Heart Centered Membership Community: 6 live q&a calls with Danielle, access to our private members community, and a library of meditations, kits, practices, and classes to support you exactly where you need it most.

The Heart Centered Membership Includes:


($2,000 value)

Everything in one place. The Heart Centered portal = home base. Full access to everything for the duration of your membership. Over 100 classes with Danielle on healing, letting go, leveling up, and cruising through life feeling nourished and lighter. PLUS guided audios, meditation kits, daily rituals, and playlists for everything. Come here to exhale, be held, and receive what you need.


($500 value)

Follow your heart with which one you want to work with. Danielle will suggest practices each month that support the theme and astrological alignments.

Each kit includes: Guided audios + a beautiful,
printable, portable deck.

For introspection and cleansing.

In the past we’ve done: Relationship Releasing, Savasana + Redwood Visualization, The Water Blessing, Ritual Salt Bath, The Fire Practice…

We do “release” writing prompts two to three times a month. This is a staple to our monthly cleansing work.

Danielle DJ’s (via Spotify + YouTube) soul, rock, folk, old gospel—whatever musical experience sings to the month’s theme.

Exclusive + Optional. The people in this community are wise and generous. Connect directly or share your insights, and Danielle pops in from time to time.

Love notes + meditation reminders (you’ll love these).

I’ve got sonic love for you: the entire curriculum, visualizations, exercises… You’ll build an audio library you can keep forever. 


Includes 90-days FREE in the Heart Centered Membership
(community, live calls, bonus resources)


The same 8-week program and year of support, minus the live calls, community, and bonuses


Danielle LaPorte

If you’re new to my work, here’s the officialness: Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.” She is the former director of a future studies think tank in Washington, DC, where she managed a team creating global scenarios.

Danielle is the creator of the Heart Centered Membership + Class series and the Heart Centered Leadership Program with 400+ coaches and facilitators in 30 countries hosting conversation circles and workshops on resilience and collective kindness.

Her most recent book is, How To Be Loving, she’s also the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map, White Hot Truth, and producer of dozens of meditation kits and programs for spiritual support.

Her podcast, WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, has ranked in iTunes’ top 10 for wellness. Most of her offerings are on a pay what you choose basis. Named one of the Top 100 Websites for Women by Forbes, millions of people a month visit


Our RESIDENT ENERGY HEALER. V.S. has been working with Team D for over eight years to create meditations and provide esoteric guidance for the Heart Centered Membership.

Originally from India, she is an exceptionally skilled metaphysical practitioner, drawing from multiple wisdom traditions. V.S. practices very privately—she’s not on social media and lives a very inward life.


We’ll be covering a lot of ground! To provide you with the most valuable and accurate knowledge and tools, we’ve incorporated wisdom from some of my most favourite teachers, healers, medical, and holistic practitioners:  Dr. Sara Gottfried, The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Mark Hyman, Andrew Huberman, Gabor Maté, Thomas Hubl, Dr. Kathy Yeo.

I’ve healed. And I will continue to heal.

There was a time when my nervous system was so fried that I had a hard time walking up stairs. I dealt with chronic lung infections, and my hormone levels were tanked. Brain fog frustrated me. I was riding anxiety waves and panic attacks. I seriously questioned how long I could go on living like that.

I put together a healing team. I made some bad calls. I had major breakthroughs. I took one healing step and one new supplement at a time. I simplified a lot in my life to make more room for connecting to my body and my Higher Self. I learned how to breathe effectively. I got honest with myself (that’s called shadow work) and I up’d the emotional intimacy in all of my relationships.

I dissolved a lot of bad habits when I faced this sad, contemporary fact: health is wealth and our common health systems are bankrupt. I chose to put nervous system regulation at the center of my life––right next to Divine Love and taking care of my own child.

Out of all the books and courses and methodologies I’ve put into the world, THE NOURISH SYSTEM feels most timely. Calmly urgent.

This is a Heart Centred approach to living––with an emphasis on your nervous system. The program can support a complete restoration of your vitality and strength. Maybe an upleveling beyond what you’ve experienced in your adult life. Imagine that!

All healing comes from our connection to the Divine. Our higher nature will guide our daily choices––body, mind and relationships; thoughts, words and actions. We just need to nourish that connection.

The wellness is within you.

And the world we want to live in needs us to be well.

For Love,


Includes 90-days FREE in the Heart Centered Membership
(community, live calls, bonus resources)


The same 8-week program and year of support, minus the live calls, community, and bonuses


I will recommend physical, emotional, and spiritual practices as well as provide resources for your further learning about nutrition and supplements. I recommend everyone work with a care provider for a customized supplementation program.

Of course not! And, I hope that you do. I’ve laid the program out in an 8-week format but in week 1 I give you the foundational framework so even if you take a break from listening to the new teaching content you will be equipped to make positive changes to your life and nervous system from day 1.

We would love that! For custom workplace programming please and to partner with us to bring this work onto your teams please email

This work is for EVERY one of us. Do it as a couple, as a family, with your besties, with your kids, and of course, with your own beautiful self.

The course is delivered through an online portal (Kajabi) one week at a time. When you sign up you will receive immediate access to the Welcome Module and Module 1 of the course and each week unlocks 7 days a time from your start date. Once you have run through the course you can access all the lessons again and again as you need them.

Monthly check-ins are delivered via email. They are our way of supporting your continued integration of this work through all the seasons of your life

Within the course platform you can interact in the comments section of the course. If you purchase our Heart Centered Membership Bundle option you will also gain access to our private members group in Facebook, live classes with Danielle, and weekly email support.

We love to print things and encourage you to print and use the workbooks and checklists in whatever way works best for you!

The current version of the course drips out one new week of content at a time. Our team is currently building in a new feature that will allow full access of the course all at once, which will be available in early 2024


Includes 90-days FREE in the Heart Centered Membership
(community, live calls, bonus resources)


The same 8-week program and year of support, minus the live calls, community, and bonuses


I’m not a medical doctor, nor do I play one on Instagram. This course offers general guidelines, most of which have profoundly benefited me personally, and all of which are informed by various types of healers and medical practitioners.

We cannot take responsibility for interactions of The Nourish System with other healing modalities or substances/medication. Everyone’s body and needs are unique. If your personal health situation is complex or intensified, please seek direct professional and ongoing medical support. In my experience, it takes a village of expertise and perspectives to help us walk our own healing journeys.