Ready your hearts! Take your vitamins! The Desire Map World’s Biggest Book Club is about to commence! Virtual, in person, in bookstores, on Skype — may we gather with high intentions and great questions…

Here’s your book club checklist:

  • Review and print the leader and reader guide for yourself (both available here).

  • Email your group to remind them about the upcoming meeting and make sure they have a printed copy of the reader guide (here is a template!)

  • If you’re not meeting in your home, call your local meeting place to make a final confirmation of your meeting time and any final details

Get the reader guide and the videos for your book club meeting(s) here.

If you have any final questions, please review the updated FAQ or email us at

Let us know how it rolls out. Hashtag: #DesireMap.

Be bright, be yourselves, and be on time!

I am sending love and deepest appreciation,

Behind the scenes: Sounds True + the making of new Desire
It takes a village. And Throat Coat Tea. And velcro rollers. And producers who listen with their heart and soul. And so began my journey with Sounds True Publishing …

Examine your envy
Here’s what I figure: You just never can know the machinations of someones else’s Soul — their karma, their dharma, their story. Maybe they’re learning precisely what they need to learn in this lifetime to become self-actualized, maybe they’re struggling to get free, maybe they’re an enlightened being who’s come to stir shit up so we can learn compassion. Life only knows.

But we tend to judge other people’s goals and types of success that we don’t relate to. …

Your Most Precious Thing. Shaking up your attachments.
This contemplation is about getting to the bottom of your heart, and gasping for air while you’re down there, only to see how empty and full you are. Empty. Full. Same time. You’re up for it. …

What eight years of work looks like (and the new Desire Map cover reveal!)
In December 2012 we launched The Desire Map program on my site. 10,000 people got to it in less than year. Sounds True Publishing steps up to take the book to bookstores and other countries in 2013, and to work with me to create new Desire Map audio programs. Almost a year to the day later…

Name your god
Listen to me I am one of you desirous broken open perpetual….

Remember, you said Yes to this.
I’m climbing on my second airplane of the day to get to a gig. Flights… heels… luggin’ my stuff thru Chicago O’Hare, inwardly bitching about how bitchy the security people are. “Is my apple really a threat to national security?” “Are you really going to make that very tired lady holding the crying baby walk back through the X-ray cancer machine just to take off her belt?” I mean, really. Authority issues aside…

The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.
Freedom does not come from a checklist, and a “zero inbox” is not a life aspiration. If liberation is a chore, it’s not really liberation. You can’t contract your way to freedom. You can’t punish your way to joy. You can’t fight your way to inner peace. …

Chicago, NYC, Cape Town, YOUR town… or Skype. Desire Map Book Clubs are coming!
Here’s what I see in my crystal ball: It’s January 7th, 2014. Gathered in bookstores, living rooms, cafes, and yoga studios across the world are soulful, inquisitive, lion-hearted people having meaningful conversations. It’s coming. …