The past 30 days brought some grandiose gifts: I secured a book deal with Random House (!), and experienced a game-changing speaking gig with Rich Happy & Hot LIVE. And the champagne is still flowing. Here are the highlights:

articles + illuminations

: when it’s time to stop healing and bust outta purgatory (and what my crush on ed harris has to do with enlightenment). Jumping for joy can be counter-intuitive when you’ve been despairing long term. If you’re languishing in Bardo — that liminal space between death and rebirth — maybe it’s time to declare that you have decided to live. DON’T WAIT FOR HEALING TO BEGIN. Bust out, over and onward.

: the declaration of deserving. I’ve been asking around: “What do you think you’re entitled to?” “What do you know that you deserve?” My take: you are worthy of your desires. Really wanting what you want gives you the power to get it. Read THE DECLARATION OF DESERVING…just because you’re here.

: rich, happy & hot advice: surrender, act now, just breathe. Some party favors from my recent trip to NYC for Rich Happy & Hot LIVE. Marie Forleo put on an impeccable show, and made it all flow like a chilled glass of coconut water.

interviews + spotlight shining

: the radical practical for natural dreamers. I’ve got some news, and it might sting: passion is not enough. Love and art have an ROI. You need to systemize, scrutinize, and get uptight — at least temporarily. A guest-article for Marie Forleo. Because OPPORTUNISM + TALENT EXPLOITATION can still be rooted in integrity.

: criticism sucks, or does it? how to manage it with dignity. A contribution to Talent Zoo, a mega-hub for careers in advertising, marketing and digital media. How to approach your criticizer with compassion, get closure, and yeah — LICK YOUR WOUNDS.

: the netsetter: interview. Thursday Bram of The Netsetter series at Work Awesome interviewed me on time management and proportion, creative bubbles, CURIOSITY + OBSESSION. And looky here — the feature got tagged by USA Today. All in a day’s work.

And off we go into December, friends. Go deep. Stay light.