Is your Inner Motivational Speaker, like, nice to you? Interior tone matters the most.
Like all communication, it’s THE TONE that makes the difference. And the tone you take with yourself is the most important.

Let your joy rise to the surface #Truthbomb elaborations
LET IT UP AND LET IT OUT. It’s real. Look, if someone can’t handle your enthusiasm, or thinks you’re clingy…well, they just probably won’t — most people drink it up.

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How do you know when your creation is finished? Like, you’re done working on it and it’s time to let it go.
Hey! AIM for perfection, but it’s out of reach. And hey! That’s okay, because you’ll probably land on something beautiful…maybe your work is really finished. It’s time.

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Purification. Pain. Passion. And marrying your soul. Or…How to tap your deep creativity.
If you want to tap into your deep creativity — the profound, unbridled, genius, life-infusing, widely useful and healing kind of creativity, then purification is essential.


Do it for the love #Truthbomb elaborations
No matter what you do in life, whether it’s truly noble or expedient BS, you’re going to sweat for it, you’re going to lose a few battles, get criticised, hit the wall. There aren’t many shortcuts to greatness, so really, just #doitforthelove.

Integrity first, then hustle + 10 fresh lessons on money
Serving up a fresh batch of money nuggets, from random theories to daily habits.