October was brewing with the art of “ease,” the divinity of procrastination, and the essential of sincerity in communication…

Quality Q’ n Play: Thinking about how you value… you. Choosing quality is an investment in your best self. It frequently requires patience. It always requires love.

Want to improve your communication skills? Most often, even weak or wobbly communication is far better than shutting down completely. Sincerity and courage go a lot further than “polished” communication skills any day.

You’re going to hurt someone. Why does it help to know the inevitability of hurting someone?

What does your perfect 12 hours look like? An exercise. The whole point of this “perfect twelve exercise” is to actually create those ideal twelve hours — or as close to it, even if it’s just fifteen minutes, as frequently as possible until that idealism is the fabric of your everyday reality and lifestyle. Day to day makes up a lifetime.

What would your life be like if you only did what was easy? An exercise. Ease. The concept confounds most of us. Here’s why.

What’s inflamed in your inner or outer life? Freedom begins when you can identify the aggravation you’ve been accommodating for so long.

The beginning of self-expression only quiet and unknown thus far / destined for greatness

The divinity of procrastination. Hesitation can be a form of wisdom. Motives become clearer; new information shows up. Amazing grace can happen when you choose inner rhythms over external pressure.

Soul Soup. (Keep this is in mind when you’re falling apart.) There will be a time, a passage when you don’t really know who you were, or are, or can be. It’s natural, it’s divine, and it’s the chemistry of beautiful, awesome change.