How cute are we?!

I created these as visual love notes for everyone on my team. (“Email me a childhood pic of you. Don’t ask why.” Nobody asked.) Some of us have these as our phone backgrounds.

The idea is that every time you see your childhood self—all tender and goofy and glowing, all ADORABLE and worthy of love—you’ll say something encouraging to yourself. You’ll pour your love out, recall your divinity. And then you’ll be more likely to eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, have more fun, and generally be more compassionate with your real-time self.

When you set out to protect Little You, it will translate as “success” to Big You. I’m telling you. It translates. You’ll make better deals. You’ll leave harmful situations. You won’t overeat as much. You’ll spend more time with mama trees and oceans.

Your Inner Child wants to be protected—to know that you will stand up for your Deep Sensitivity every single time. It takes a grown-up to love that fiercely.

PS. Your Inner Child wants a playdate with your friends. Send this on to them. xo

With Love,