I think external psychic input can be extremely valuable for navigating. I’ve had seers on my payroll. And…

We can often sense what’s coming ourselves.
…we often don’t realize our own power. But if we took a moment to be still, we might be able to glimpse what could be around the corner. Emphasis on could be…

Psychic predictions are 50/50—because free will.
There are so many things at play in creating our reality. Situations change, you change from day to day. So a psychic prediction could be right on target with the information currently available, but you could do something tomorrow that alters that course. Free will. And there are always other people’s energies and decisions and self-agency in the mix. Your free will is interacting with other people’s free will—it’s messy and often… unpredictable.

The messenger affects the message.
Every clairvoyant is naturally going to put their fingerprint on the message they’re receiving/giving. They’re still in human form—they have a lens, a paradigm, an ego. Natural and sometimes beneficial for how news is delivered, just something to keep in mind.

We have multiple possible futures.
I think when we incarnate some things are contracted already, and there are potentially some non-negotiables. AND I think that miracles happen, and tragedies happen. And all of our possible futures could be equally amazing and incredible. You might have your sights on one particular career expression. But you could have ten different expressions that are just as dynamic and fulfilling. There are so many different ways for you to receive that sense of purpose and self-expression and applause in this lifetime.

The universe has a way better imagination than any of us do.
My life today has little resemblance to what I thought it was going to be. It’s more colourful, more expanded, way deeper, and (for real) at least 83% better than I could have imagined.

Needing encouragement is healthy, but it’s OUR job to have faith.
Wanting the encouragement of somebody else’s gifted perspective is natural. And we want to make sure that craving for input doesn’t become a dependency. Keep your power with your own being. Really, I’m just interested in creating what I want to create—and I don’t want anybody to prophesize if I’m going to pull it off or not. It’s my job to have faith.

And PS… free will.
Free will is the name of this game, and whatever an intuitive, an astrologer, or a psychic says is a singular piece of input for your decision point. So live FULL OUT today. Because how you are living right now (what you’re believing, doing, choosing), is how your future unfolds. Resiliency now, resiliency tomorrow. Love and gratitude now, love and gratitude tomorrow. Trust today… and so much more trust coming around the corner.

I see it! But it doesn’t matter if I see it. What matters is what you see.

With Love,