Contrary to pop culture understanding, patience isn’t about waiting. In fact, if you look it up in the thesaurus, a synonym is “poise.” Patience is a state of being. It’s dignified. We think of it as stoic. But real patience is actually very VIBRANT.

Waiting… for the business to take off, the relationship to gel, the house to sell… the anxiety to move on its way, the body to heal…⁣⁠

In that “in-between space,” there’s a more assured power. No waiting around, just steadiness. AKA Patience (I know… stay with me—radical reframe here).⁣⁠

I used to joke that Patience was not my virtue and I had no interest in it. I was intent on getting sh*t DONE. Jump to this morning, on a park bench in front of the Pacific Ocean, saying my prayers and celebrating… the power surge of Patience I can feel in my being.

Power. Patience. Presence. Paradigm shift. That’s Divine alliteration.

. . . . .

Patience is about sitting with life source. It’s fuel. It’s CREATIVE. It’s not about holding our breath or being in penance. It’s not even a pause button. It’s more like a tap we turn on to fill ourselves with Light. And from there… life unfolds.

This perspective will come in handy when you’re having conversations that get you fired up. And when you’ve decided to magnetize better health or beautiful companionship into your life, or as the world plays out the great transition we’re in.

. . . . .

Out of all the virtues—Loving Kindness, Compassion, Radiance, Divine Love, Forgiveness—Patience may be the only virtue that we associate with some suffering. We’ve been trained to think of Patience as a test of will and endurance, as a negotiation with an authoritative source outside of ourselves. Waiting, waiting, waiting on fulfillment or satisfaction.

But as it turns out, Patience isn’t about asking the Creator for XYZ manifestation, and waiting for it to arrive. That game is just the ego mind playing with us. The small self sets us up to strive so that we don’t get to rest in our Divinity.

Patience is not a form of endurance. Patience is a form of life force. It’s a daily practice of accessing Divine Power.

Patience is what the heart knows is true: that we’re always right on time.

With Love,

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