Meditation events are going on pause.



I’m going to press pause on doing live meditations for the rest of the year (which all Heart Centered Members were always invited to for free).

My small team is in many time zones and we’re juggling the much anticipated summer holidays. And the How To Be Loving book rollout is turning into a beautiful snowball.

There are over a dozen meditation practices in the portal (some powerful ones that are less than 15 minutes). I know many of you are following your hearts and choosing the practice that calls to you. So, I’m nudging us all to choose one and really dedicate ourselves to it for 21+ days.

I did the Golden Blue Chalice daily for about 6 months and it was nectar. I worked with the Creation Space Visualization for a year. Oh! And the Alchemy practice (which ONLY for members)… is electric in the best way.

While I have you here: thank you and I love you.